Arcane Power: E’s Top Five Fun Ways To Roleplay a Bard

What super cool powers and paragon paths does Arcane Power have for everyone’s favorite class – THE BARD?

I’m going to tell you.  Y’know why?

I totally have a copy of Arcane Power sitting in my lap.  Of all the things that could be sitting in my lap… well, it’s not THE sexiest, but it’s probably a close… third?

Today starts a five part series delving into the new Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition book Arcane Power and the fun roleplaying you can have using the new powers featured within!

*drumroll*  ….and heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s the Bard!

#1 New Build: Prescient Bard

You have the foresight to navigate the twisting roads of luck and fate, emulating those heroes who were able to sense the truths beyond mere reality.  By manipulating luck and glimpsing the future, you help your allies exploit every advantage, attacking your enemies’ weakest defenses and avoiding mishaps in combat.

Somehow I see a Prescient Bard being like Professor Trelawny from Hogwarts.  She’s more than a little nutty and every so often she’s totally off base, but when it matters, she’s dead on.

I think her personality could totally work for a bard.  The fun part would be figuring out a personality/voice quirk that would cue your party as to whether or not you were serious.

“Your aura is pulsing! Are you in the beyond? I think you are!”

#2 Level 1 Daily Spell: Malevolent Mischief

You plague your foe with a spell of ill luck, causing knots to unravel and straps to part so that it stumbles like an oaf.

Ylani is gnome bard who has unspeakable wealth.  The only thing she’ll admit when asked about her prior career is that she was “a dancer.”   You’re pretty sure you know what type, since she’s rarely seen in much more than a few strips of armor.

On the battlefield, she giggles with glee as she strums her lute and sings, “Naked, naked, naked orc!  You draw your sword and lose your drawers!

The other party members wish that they didn’t have to see so many naked orcs, but they have to admit, the power comes in useful when the leader of the orc tribe trips over his own underpants and lands in prime backstabbing position for the rogue.

#3  Level 7 Encounter Spell:  Timely Distraction

“Look! An owlbear!”

Because this is an encounter spell, I could see this being a fun one to get creative.   (If Vanir from StupidRanger makes a bard, I want him to take this power!)

This also might be a fun way of roleplaying a character with a mental disorder.  They can just shout out random things mid-battle while using this power.

I can see it now…

DM: “Okay, Bard-o, you’re up.”

Bard-o’s Player: “APPLESAUCE!!!” *chucks d20*

#4  Cunning Prevaricator Attack 11:  Lying Lights

“As your allies strike the chosen foe, they vanish in clouds of glittering light.”

Did someone say STAGE SHOW?  Oh my gosh, this one would be insane fun for anyone hellbent on playing the Broadway producer / choreographer stereotype.   Or maybe change the “glittering lights” into “badass lasers” and you can be the stage crew for the hottest show on earth!

#5 Life Singer Utility 12: Inspired Solutions

Your calm leadership inspires your allies to find creative, non-violent solutions to a challenge.

Here’s your chance to play the hippie bard.  Maybe you’re in a giant party and they don’t really need you to do damage.  Why not load up on all the crazy powers like this that help you buff your party rather than cause damage to your enemies.  In between battles you can preach the value of non-violence.   Not that anybody will really listen, but with his power, maybe they might.

Stay Tuned…

Tomorrow…  more Arcane Power with The Sorcerer!

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