Arcane Power: E’s Top Five Fun Ways To Roleplay a Sorcerer

Yesterday, I featured my top five fun ways to roleplay a Bard using the new powers and paths from Arcane Power.

Today it’s time for the Sorcerer.  Arcane Power gives two new builds for the Sorcerer:  the Storm Sorcerer who is all about sexy thunderstorms and the Cosmic Sorcerer, who is more of the stargazing asskicking type.

As usual, I leave the crunchy stuff to others.  Ew. Crunch involves stuff like math, and I’m just awful at math, geek friends.

I admit it.  You can even ask StupidRanger and Dante.  My main reason for having a DDI subscription is so the Character Builder can do all of my math for me.   Please don’t revoke my geek license!  I promise I’m useful in other ways…

#1 Level 1 Encounter Spell: Ray of the Moon

A ray of cold moonlight shines down from above, momentarily disorienting your opponent.”

Does this scream Shifter to anybody else?  For anybody who needs an excuse to throw their head back and howl, I’ve just given you one.   You can thank me later.   (DMs and other players – I apologize for starting it.)

#2  Level 2 Utility Spell: Sorcerous Sirocco

“You exhale a magic-enhanced breath that briefly sends you and an ally flying through the air.”

Syrah the half-elf sorcerer doesn’t just exhale.  That just wouldn’t be beautiful enough, and Syrah is all about beautiful things.  No, Syrah doesn’t exhale to cause her allies to fly.   She blows kisses to the wind.  Beautiful, beautiful kisses.

#3 Level 7 Encounter Spell:  Spark Form

“Your body briefly becomes a shower of dancing sparks that zips among foes, shocking them as you go.”

I can see this as being a fun Deva power.  You’re soooo above getting near enemies in your corporeal form, but there’s nothing saying you can’t transform yourself into a cloud of electricity and shock the heck out of them as you zip across the battlefield.   (Also very handy for getting to the other side of the fight quickly for other reasons.  Anyone who has played a squishy character can attest that this is very useful!)

#4 – Level 10 Utility Spell: Storm of Energy

“With a wave of your hand, you increase the vigor of whatever effects ail your foes.”

Renata the Human Sorcerer loves pain.  You could call her a sadist, but there is just something about watching an enemy writhe in pain that turns her on.   When she invokes the Storm of Energy, you can see her twitch with pleasure as her enemies twitch in pain.   It’s a dance that is both awful and awesome to witness.

#5  Lightning Fury Daily Attack 20: Bolt of Power

“You call down a tremendous lightning bolt that crashes into a large group of foes and lays waste to them.”

*waves to any WotC folks reading this* I call foul on the flavor text here.  The lightning can’t lay waste to the large group of foes if you can only target one creature!   Granted, you can choose to be dazed and give extra lightning damage to those around the target, but I’d hardly call that waste-laying.  Unless those adjacent creatures are minions.  Even then…

*cough* Anyway.

Even though the flavor text is slightly overstated, I still think this could be an opportunity to be the Group Badass.   I see this sorcerer as being someone with an anger management problem.  He gets more and more upset about things and more and more angry until finally – BOOOM!!  Take that!!

Stay Tuned…

Tomorrow’s Arcane Power post features the Swordmage.   Have you bought your copy of Arcane Power yet?

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