Arcane Power: E’s Top Five Fun Ways To Roleplay a Swordmage

Today’s peek into the roleplaying opportunities found in Arcane Power is the Swordmage class.

This is part of a weeklong series dedicated to the release of the newest book in the Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition collection. Don’t forget to check the previous two posts on the Bard and Sorcerer.

What kind of badassery can we expect with the new Swordmage powers?   (Is badassery even a word?)  (Is it a word now that I’ve used it?)  Continue on, geek friends…

#1 New Build: Ensnaring Swordmage

“The ensnaring swordmage focuses on battlefield control and on immobilizing, slowing ,and knocking prone enemies.  The build is also associated with a new aegis, the aegis of ensnarement, which allows you to teleport a marked enemy to you.”

Eyron and Lyn were twin brothers raised in a family that was known for battlefield prowess.  While Eyron took the traditional route and become a seasoned warlord, Lyn was drawn to magic and became an ensnaring swordmage.  Their party knows that every day is a crapshoot.  Either the brothers will cooperate and use their powers to create the ultimate battlefield advantage, or they will be fighting and trying to one-up each other, making the encounter messy and dangerous.

#2 Level 3 Encounter Spell:  Dimensional Vortex

“Lashing out with your sword, you warp space, causing your foe to appear a short distance away and unleash his attack elsewhere.”

Rinka the gnome swordmage is always looking for a way to get a laugh at the expense of her enemies.  This move is her absolute favorite because she can shout out insults after the enemy has attacked a different target.

“Why are you hitting that pole?  WHAT DID IT DO TO YOU, MR. GOBLIN?”

#3 Level 6 Utility Spell:  Unicorn’s Touch

“Your blade briefly adopts the appearance of a unicorn horn, sending out a focused pulse of curative energy.”

Tasha always wanted to be a cleric, but her parents thought of healing as a lesser form of magic.  In secret, Tasha studied with local healers.  She can bandage wounds faster than any battlefield medic and with this handy spell, can feel like she’s taking care of her fellow adventurers.

#4 Level 29 Daily Spell:  Mirrorblade Army

“From your image reflected in your blade, you conjure an army of duplicates to help assult your foes anywhere on the battlefield.”

Grurch has always wanted minions.  In fact, since his Goliath stature puts him at a good 2 feet taller than most of his party, he refers to them as his minions.   (This annoys his group to no end, especially when he starts trying to boss them around.)   Imagine his glee at learning to cast Mirrorblade Army!  Now he can not only have minions, but they’re all just as big and awesome as he is!

#5 Sword of Assault Attack 11:  Spell Strike

“Your magic infuses a normal weapon attack with arcane power that might scorch, freeze, rot, poison, shock, or blast your foe.”

Ever since Quink was little, he wanted to be able to cast Stinking Cloud.  In fact, he was always TRYING to cast it from his own buttocks but was upset that it never quite had as potent an effect as he desired.   But now, he had Spell Strike, or as he liked to call it, STINK STRIKE, and he was able to unleash the nastiness of a Stinking Cloud through his sword.   Oh, joy of joys!

Stay Tuned…

Tomorrow we take a look at the Warlock!  Have you bought your copy of Arcane Power yet?

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