Geek Keywords: A Different Kind of Search

So let’s say you live in a highly metropolitan area.  No matter what your custom search, you just wind up with tons upon tons of ladies.  Or, maybe you don’t want to limit yourself with categories like body type or religion, and again, you’ve got pages upon pages of prospects.  How do you weed out the girls who would have nothing to do with geeks, but leave the ones that are geek girls themselves?

You can do just-for-fun keyword searches, of course!  Some of these might not be your own personal interests, but if girls like these, they might have other interests that coincide with yours.


Now, not every person with similar interests is necessarily going to proclaim themselves a geek, much less on their profile.  However,  many of them do, or they say they’re looking for a geek guy.  Hence, the word “geek” is a great start.

Star Trek / Star Wars

For many people, this is less an entertaining TV show or movie, and more a way of life.  These aren’t necessarily recent, but you’re more likely to find people who will mention these than, say, Dune (though I’ve seen Dune listed, I swear).


Basically, it’s the most recent cult sf show, so it has a good chance of being listed.   If you really like an older show like Sliders, it has less of a chance of being listed – but people who like Galactica might like older sf shows.


What does it say about a person if they like Joss Whedon shows?  What does it say if they like them so much they mention him by name?  Lots!


If a girl calls herself a gamer, chances are she means it.  Unless she’s really, really confused, and means player.


This can mean many things, but mentioning it at all means it’s worth a look.

Anime / Otaku

In my experience, people who have an interest in anime also tend to have interests in sf, or fantasy, or both.  Cosplayers might have started out as tabletop gamers, and vice-versa.

This is just a small sampling of what you can come up with.   When doing searches of any kind, I like going as broad as possible, and then narrowing, just so there’s no lost opportunities – and that applies to geeks, too!   Just because you’re one flavor of geek doesn’t mean you can’t search for all kinds – there’s much more crossover than you might think!

Happy hunting!

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