Arcane Power: E’s Top Five Fun Ways To Roleplay a Wizard

This is it, folks!

We’ve reached the final installment of the Top Five Fun Ways to Roleplay characters using the new goodies from Arcane Power!

This is part of a weeklong series dedicated to the release of the newest book in the Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition collection. Don’t forget to check the previous posts on the Bard, Sorcerer, Swordmage, and Warlock.

Have you had fun?

I have!

Let’s delve into the Wizard!  The wizard has new arcane implements (new orb option and TOME!), a new keyword (summoning), and two new builds (illusionist and summoner).

What fun can you have with a wizard?  Oh, tons!

#1  Level 1 At-Will Spell:  Phantom Bolt

“You wave your hand, and your foe sees a bolt of fire streaking toward it.  The enemy dives away from the imagined threat.”

Guk’s house was burned to the ground when he was a young boy.  He was the only survivor, losing everything and everyone he loved.  To this day, Guk is afraid of fire, but through his study to be a wizard has learned to trust it only if it is imaginary and only if it comes from his own hands.

#2 Level 2 Utility Spell: Float

“You rise a few inches above the ground and glide over minor hindrances.”

Tabitha absolutely hates getting her shoes dirty.  They are beautiful shoes, after all.  She paid a lot of gold for them at the mall, she did.   When the boys in her party suggest going deep in to the coal mines to find a missing treasure, she begrudgingly agrees.  At least she can float above all the yuck and keep her shoes looking beautiful.

#3  Level 13 Encounter Spell: Earth Brute

“The ground creaks and moans, and a creature of rock and earth emerges to smash your foes.”

After her parents were killed, Schwanda was sent from her family’s farm to an orphanage on the outskirts of the city.  Every night she would sneak into the library, steal a magical tome, and run out into the woods to read.  She loves the feeling of the earth beneath her feet and distrusts all city folk, especially the well-dressed ones.  Real magic, Schwanda thinks, involves the earth, which is all-powerful.

#4 Level 27 Encounter Spell:  Lost in the Mist

“You create a phantom world around your enemy and mimic reality so closely that you manipulate the foe as if it were a puppet.”

Hubert loves maps.  If there’s anything the world he loves more than magic, it’s maps.  Big maps, little maps, treasure maps, city maps.  Hubert has a collection of maps in his bag.  Some of them, he’s not even sure what they’re of…. but they sure are interesting!  So it stands to reason that making his enemies lost makes Hubert very happy.  What fun!

#5 Hermetic Saboteur Utility 12:  Sabotage Trap

“Sometimes the wrong person triggers the trap. Fortunately, you have an answer for that.”

Even if your rogue is a MASTER THIEF, sometimes he’s an idiot.   If you’ve learned that the hard way, the path of a Hermetic Saboteur might be for you.  Or you can just hide behind the pile of dead bards while the rogue kills himself.  Up to you, really.

That’s all, folks!

What do you think about Arcane Power so far?  Will you be retraining your current characters with some of the new spells?

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