The IT Crowd: British Geeks on US DVD

I’ve loved the TV show The IT Crowd for years, but it’s not aired in the US.  Until now, all I’ve had is my burned copies sent from a friend, which I then promptly shove down the throats of family and friends.

However, last week I discovered that the first season of The IT Crowd is (finally!) available on US DVD at  And my world got a little bit brighter.

For those unfamiliar with the show, it’s a sitcom that has been produced in the UK since 2006 – they just completed their third season.  That being said, there’s not a ton of episodes – there’s only six episodes a season (aka series), and believe me, that seems like a precious few when you’re waiting a year for more.

The show centers around the IT team for a large corporation.  Moss and Roy, the IT tech guys, are referred to as “standard nerds” by their boss; they’re cast off in the crummy basement of a beautiful skyscraper.  Jen, the newest member, has zero knowledge of computers and attempts to make herself useful by calling herself their “relationship manager,” though she, too,  slowly gets sucked into the geek world of IT.

Make no mistake; this may be a show about geeks, but it’s a show for everyone.  It’s not the dry humor people associate with British TV like The Office; it’s a sitcom, through and through.  Roy, Moss and Jen manage to get themselves into absolutely ridiculous situations in every episode, and the humor is often physical and slapstick.  That said, in the background of the IT Crowd basement there’s tons of geek references, stuff that is even unfamiliar to me.

This DVD makes me want to leave the menu up intentionally; it’s based on 8-bit games, and the sounds are eerily similar to what I remember of my Commodore64 (though I don’t know if they even had C64s in the UK).  The special features are fun, though I wish there were more – though I suppose with only six episodes, you’d then run the risk of more special features than core content!

I knew going in that this purchase would have high replay value for me – after all, I’ve been watching these episodes over and over for years.  I can’t speak for everyone; however, if you like a little silliness to balance your intellectual pursuits, or if you’ve ever worked in IT, The IT Crowd is worth a try.

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