Why Do Women Have Online Dating Profiles If They’re Not Going to Reply To Emails?

A common complaint that I’ve heard from men is that they don’t receive reply emails from ladies.

Why do they even HAVE a dating profile if they’re not going to write back?

There’s no one answer to this question, but here are a few that I know are true.

The Nice Answers

She Doesn’t Have A Paying Account

If you’re on a site which requires a paid membership to read emails, there’s a good chance that she hasn’t even seen that you emailed her.  There’s a little alert that tells her she has email, but unless she ponies up the cash, it will remain a mystery.

She’s Afraid to Write Back

You may be the perfect guy for her.  She might just be terrified at the idea of meeting someone from the internet.   She could be reading your email daily, staring at your profile pictures, sighing, and saying to herself, “No, no… I couldn’t.  What if he’s an axe murderer?

The Not-So-Nice Answers

She’s Not Interested

She’s read your email.  She’s just not interested and is either too lazy or too scared to write you a courtesy Thanks, But No Thanks email.

She Made The Profile For Laughs

I watch the Twitterverse on a variety of online dating topics.  There are tons of tweets from girls who say they’re making an online dating profile for laughs, just to see how many guys email them.  Some of these girls even have boyfriends!   Sad, but true.

Moral of the Story?

First contact emails should be short and sweet for a few reasons.  One of the major ones is that you don’t want to waste a ton of time crafting a giant long email to someone who may not write you back.

If you don’t get a reply, don’t fret.  She’s not the one for you.

Happy dating, geek friends!

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