Top 5 Reasons I Want To Date Wolverine

This past weekend both e. and I were able to catch X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Now, anyone who saw X3 knows that Wolverine is currently single; this most recent movie just gave us a few more reasons to pine for The Furry One.

Here’s some of the top ones:

1.  Any man with that hairstyle will clearly not have room to complain if I take more than two minutes to do my hair or makeup.

2.  Since we clearly can’t sleep in the same bed, as I don’t wish to be shish-kabob’ed, this means I never have to fight for the covers.

3.  He lives up in the middle of nowhere, so he can feel free to run around naked whenever he likes (please!).

4.  With claws that will slice through any household appliance, home renovation is a breeze.

5.  With his crazy animal senses, I will never forget about a pizza in the oven again.

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