Geek Movie Lines: A Fun Way to Socialize

watchmen-kissWe’re already edging into the big summer blockbuster season, with last week’s release of Wolverine.  However, I noticed a trend with the movies this year: they’re the kind that might especially appeal to several flavors of geek.

This has been a growing trend over the last few years, but it seems like this year is overload: Watchmen, Wolverine, Star Trek, Terminator, Harry Potter…  Whereas last year I couldn’t find even one movie to see over Thanksgiving weekend, this summer I’ll be in the theaters almost every week.

Everywhere I’ve ever lived, opening night for geek movies have been like mini-conventions.  People dress up, sometimes there’s organized games before the show, and people have to scrunch close together to pack everyone into the theater.

Now, maybe you’re not into dressing up yourself, and maybe it’s tempting to see a Sunday morning show and skip the opening night craziness.  Still, if you’re a big fan of any of these franchises, you have to ask yourself when you’ll next be in such a concentrated area of like-minded people.

Note: most people will probably be in groups, and that’s absolutely fine if you are too; it’s a low-pressure, fun situation.  Standing in line outside a theater door might ordinarily be tedious, but in these situations you can strike up conversations with people near you.  Who knows?  You could meet a friend… or something more.

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