Vintage Tech: Useless Nostalgia or Respect for Dreams Past?

For all my love of The Future, I am a bit of an old-fashioned girl.  I’ve already mentioned my love of college radio, and looking around my home I’ve noticed several pieces of vintage technology.

I’m not quite sure why I like older technology.  Maybe it’s that it seems to have more personality to me – I have an old calculator that runs on a 9-volt battery, but I love it because of the black screen and glowing teal numbers.

Maybe it’s that this stuff still works.  In an age of unreliable machines that are meant to be obsolete in a few years, I’m pretty impressed that my original Nintendo just needs a little dust removal and the occasional thump to get it going like new.

Maybe some of it still holds a little magic for me.  I have a Polaroid camera, and even though I’ve had a digital camera for years and should be used to instant imagery, I’m a kid when I hold that little cardboard square in my hands, watching it develop.

Still, I think that I might like all this stuff because I love the idea of The Future.  At some point, all this technology was cutting edge, and represented The Future to somebody, somewhere.  Whether it was the stylized monorails of Walt Disney’s future or the pixellated special effects of MTV’s, it was someone’s dream, realized.

What about you?  Do you collect vinyl, or make new Dreamcast games?  Or is it all about the bleeding edge for you?

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