The Crew of Star Trek: Hot Geeks, Every One

Last weekend I saw Star Trek.  While I have a certain fondness for Spock (especially when he’s played by Zachary Quinto), it occurred to me that the entire crew of the Enterprise is hot stuff, both in brains and beauty.  Here’s a breakdown of the crew, and why they’re extremely datable.

Kirk – Probably the least obvious geek, and maybe why I like him least.  He walks a fine line between confidence and cockiness, but there’s something to be said for decisiveness and passion.  He’s also shown that under his smug exterior, there is a method to his machismo.

Spock – Whereas Kirk has logic lurking under his emotion, Spock has emotion lurking beneath his logic.  He’s the perfect balance of human and Vulcan, and all his repressed feelings and angst, while potentially tiring in the long run, make for an exciting, brooding mystery.

Bones – Dammit, he’s a doctor, do we need any more proof of his intellect?  He’s got an intensity that’ll take any girl’s breath away, but he’s also clearly got a softer side, a moral center that drives him and makes him the best. doctor. ever.

Uhura – The classic geek girl, she’s musically talented, a master communicator (helpful with some flavors of geek) and is never diminished by her skirt and boots.  Simply awesome.

Scotty – The ultimate computer geek, Scotty’s cheerful personality belies the genius lurking beneath.  His happy-go-lucky demeanor balances the stressors of his profession – a profession he clearly loves.

Sulu – In what is essentially a space Western, Sulu is a space cowboy.  He’s got piloting know-how, but his interests range from botany to fencing – something that serves him more than adequately in hand-to-hand combat.  Hot.

Chekov – He’s young, naive and adorable.  I know a veritable line-up of ladies who would want this Russian to keep them warm at night.

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