Turning a Laundry List Into A Great Online Dating Profile

Ah, the dreaded laundry list.  Most of the profiles I did for the public makeovers had laundry list problems.

A lot of my clients have laundry list problems.

What’s a laundry list?  Oh, only the most boring way ever to write your online dating profile.   It’s where you list all the words that describe you, or all the activities that interest you.  To you, it’s interesting.  To a potential date, it’s a yawnfest.

But don’t worry, I’m going to tell you how to fix it!

What’s Your Story?

A great profile should read almost like a story.   It should be compelling like a good book and drive your reader toward the end.  When it ends, they should want to know more.  Where’s the sequel?  Oh, right!  The sequel happens when they email you and you go on a date and live happily ever after!

Sounds good, right?

Let’s take a typical man’s laundry list of descriptive words about himself and turn it into a great first half of his dating profile.

Here’s Jon’s before:

“Hi, I’m Jon.  My friends would say I’m ambitious, generous, and patient.”

Sound familiar?  A lot of girls write similar laundry lists.

What Jon needs to do is find stories that show him exhibiting these qualities.  After some thought, he comes up with these:

  • I am ambitious.  I always take on more than a full load at work.
  • I am generous.   I love to do pro bono cases for Legal Aid and help out the poor people of the city.
  • I am patient.   I make acoustic guitars in my spare time and it takes a lot of patience to go through the process.

Sweet!  Let’s put them all together into Jon’s new About Me section:

I’m a lawyer, but don’t let that fool you!  I went into law because I wanted to help people.   Even though Legal Aid only requires me to do two pro bono cases a year, I accept additional ones whenever I can.  It feels great to help solve a problem for someone who can’t afford legal services.   When I’m home, I’m usually holed up in my studio, music blasting, slowly and carefully carving the body of another guitar.  It’s painstaking work, but the result is worth it!

Get out there and turn your boring laundry list into an awesome story!  Happy dating, geek friends.

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