Geek Bucket List: Seeing a Jonathan Coulton Concert LIVE

My phone takes sucky pictures!I became a JoCo fan the moment someone sent me the link to the World of Warcraft video of Code Monkey.  I ended up looking him up, finding the Thing A Week posts, and basically have been a semi-rabid fangirl ever since.

I say semi-rabid because while I have pretty much every song he’s put out, I’ve been a slacker lately and haven’t kept up on the newest ones.  That, and we had Dave’s friend Gina with us, who is a superfan who was on her 10th JoCo show.  The concert last night started at 7:30.  Gina was there at 4 to save a table for us.  She would have been there earlier if it wasn’t for DC area traffic.

So yeah, I’m semi-rabid.  But seeing a live JoCo show has been on my Geek Bucket List for a while.   I was pretty excited to get to see him live!

The show was at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia.   It’s a really neat place.   It’s a dinner theater style venue (excellent spinach dip, by the way!) and we had one of the front row tables just to JoCo’s left.   This proved to be an optimal location later, when he realized the glare from his shiny guitar was blinding the people to his right.  (Of course, then he started doing it on purpose.)

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.  The show was a benefit concert for JoCo’s agent, who recently got both of his lungs replaced.  Yeah, seriously, they can do that now.  Who knew?  So they both came out on stage at the beginning to thank everyone for coming and the agent told us a bit about his surgery and how grateful he is for his organ donor and for all of us helping out by coming to the show.   He was like, “Thank you for supporting something near and dear to my heart.”   Everybody cracked up.  He realized what he had just said and added, “My lungs!

The opening act was Chelsea Lee, who had a very pretty voice that reminded me a bit of Alison Krauss.   We were trying to figure out how old she was because she looked REALLY young.  After a bit of digging today, I found out she’s 17.  Damn.  I think with a voice like that this early in her life, she’ll go places… and hopefully grow out of some of the teenage angst-y lyrics.

I tweeted for a bit of the concert and luckily Gina snagged the setlist at the end of the show,  so I don’t have to go back and find my old tweets:

What’s so awesome about live shows is the witty banter between songs.  I didn’t try to capture any of it because our friend was taking video with her camera.

Here it is:

There was lamenting about the hazards of hippie hair, pondering about doing a one man show with cheesy high school lighting (the light board guys were on the ball and obliged!), blinding people with the glare from his guitar, discussing whether there is such a thing as too many monkeys, drawing the line of human modification somewhere vaguely around lasers, and so many other awesome things.

The BEST part though was when he whipped out this contraption to play Mr. Fancy Pants.  I don’t remember what it’s called, but it basically holds samples of drum beats, background loops, snippets of him singing the song, and other stuff.

So what happened was the ultimate remix of Mr. Fancy Pants, which otherwise is a very, very short song.  It was totally awesome.  Oh, and he rickrolled his own song.  Seriously.

After the show, we got pics of us with JoCo.  I generally hate being in pictures (even moreso since I’ve gained so much weight this year – sigh), but at least I have photographic proof that I met Jonathan Coulton.  (Of course, said pictures are on someone else’s camera at the moment.)  Totally sweet.

That’s one thing checked off my Geek Bucket List.  What’s on yours?

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