Shameless Squee! Hits 100k Unique Visitors!

I was so excited when I checked Google Analytics yesterday!  At first, I was like, “OMG, I’m at 99,990 unique visitors!  Soooo close!”  Then I realized Google Analytics routinely leaves the current day out of the calculation.


I know, pics or it didn’t happen.  Incoming pictures…


As you can see, over the past year and three months that I’ve had Analytics running, I get a good chunk of my traffic from referring sites.   Lately however, it’s swinging more toward search engines.

I’m not particularly happy with the bounce rate, but when you see my number one referring site, you’ll understand why it is what it is:


How do we love the channel surfers of StumbleUpon? Let us count the ways!  Give me a shoutout in the comments if you found the site via StumbleUpon and actually stuck around!

Here are the stats just for referring sites:


Thanks to all the folks who click over from the RPG Bloggers Network!  I know I’m a dual-niche blogger, so it’s great to know that my D&D content is actually being read and enjoyed too!

Now for the battle of the countries:


The top 4 were kinda obvious – but if you’re one of the rest of the top 10, say hi in the comments!

Here’s my spiffy map:


I’m mainly missing chunks of Africa, but I think otherwise I’m doing pretty good.  I’d like to see Problogger‘s map.  I wonder if his is fully colored…

Thank you!

Thank you to all my readers, whether you stayed for 30 seconds or you’ve been here over a year.   I love you!

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