Etsy: A Place for Crafty Geeks

I’m not really the type of person who goes to the mall and window-shops, but I do get on and just drool.  I used to think etsy was just a place where people bought handmade soap; it is that, but oh, it is so much more.  Here’s a list of stuff I’ve wanted to pass on to everyone, as well as a few items that top my own “want” bookmark folder.


  • T-Rex Messenger Bag by happyfamily – Okay, it’s obvious why I might choose the T-Rex bag, but seriously I want practically every design they offer – robots, pirate ships, and more.  They offer the designs on T-shirts as well, but I love the messenger bag.
  • ’68 Mustang Interior Backpack by thingsbuilt – This isn’t to my taste, but it’s just too cool to leave out.  It’s a backpack made of bits of leather, automotive carpeting and vinyl, plus the real interior emblems of the Mustang.
  • Classic Video Games Screenprinted Tote Bag by fauxsure – I spy with my little eye a Coleco controller!  I like tote bags because I inevitably need them for groceries, so they have a guaranteed purpose, but they’re cute enough to use for anything else.



Have you found any cool geeky etsy produts?  Link them in the comments!

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