Why Scoping Out Your Online Dating Competition Is A Good Idea

In the last post, you read about why scoping out your online dating competition is a bad idea.   It’s an extraordinarily bad idea if you’re a geek with low self-esteem.

(This is coming from a geek who occasionally suffers from low self-esteem!  Trust me!)

However, there are a lot of good reasons to check out your online dating competition, so if you can make the DC on testicular fortitude, you can use the information you glean to your advantage!

Chip and Dale – Who Are They?

When you start surfing through the profiles of the other men who are similar to you, you’ll start to notice that they all read the same.   In my business, I read an ungodly amount of online dating profiles.  After a while, they all blend together into one big lump of…


Seriously.  And you’ve probably noticed this too, guys.  The more profiles of women you read, the more they all seem the same.   Was she the one who just graduated or the one who was going back to school for her Master’s?  Did she want two kids or three?  Was she the one who enjoyed evenings out or movies on the couch?

It’s the same way on our side of things.   You’re an individual… just like everyone else.   When you start seeing the themes that are repeated over and over and over again in the profiles of your competition, you can cross that line out of your profile.   It’ll free up room for something more unique!

For example, you want your potential dates to know you love animals.  But upon scoping out the competition, a lot of them are mentioning their pets.

  • Chip:  “Every morning, I take a run with my dog, Boomer.”
  • Dale:  “I have two cats who keep me entertained while I’m painting.”

That’s all well and good – so how do you stand out in the crowd of animal lovers?  By telling a story that’s uniquely you!

  • You“I thought it would be fun to teach my cat to talk.  It was great until he started roaming the halls of my house at 3 am quietly repeating ‘hewwo?’  FYI – cats sound an awful lot like ghosts.”

Now you’re not only an animal lover, you’re that guy with the talking cat who sits up in his bed at 3 am wondering if ghosts are roaming the halls of his house.  How’s that for unique and interesting?

(By the way, that story is based on truth.  One of my furbabies, Mr. Peanut, has quiet the vocabulary.  He says “Mama,” “Awwo?,” and the perfect apathetic cat word – “Meh.”)

Is this you?

  • You thrive in competitive environments – you love to win!
  • You have the self-esteem to realize that it doesn’t matter how handsome and ripped these other guys are, you have qualities that make you worth dating.
  • You love research, especially when the end result is you getting something you want.

Yes? Then scope away!  You’ll learn quite a bit on what those other guys are saying and how to make your own profile less boring.

Boost Yourself to The Top:

There are some great ways to make your profile the one that they remember – and the one they ACT ON and email.  I’d be glad to help make your profile into the one you deserve – the profile that gets the clicks and the emails.

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