OMG! Eberron Player’s Guide Spoilers!

I have loved Eberron ever since my first real D&D campaign playing Mar’Kessa and writing Diary of a Drow.  It’s just a really neat world, what can I say?

So when the wonderful folks at Wizards of the Coast asked if I wanted to help distribute a little bit of spoiler material, I jumped on it faster than a rust monster on a vintage VW Beetle.

You, my readers, can help determine how much information about the Eberron Player’s Guide gets leaked before its release on June 16, 2009.

Here’s my little slice of Eberron heaven, some artwork of the Changeling:

changelingAren’t they totally sexy?

Want more?

There will be previews all over the RPG blogosphere (I’ll add the links here once I figure out who else got tagged!).

The D&D Facebook page will also be leaking sweet Eberron juice, but only once they meet a certain number of fans – so if you haven’t become a fan of D&D on Facebook, go do it now!!

You may also find some Eberron love being tweeted by the fine folks from WotC’s public relations firm.  They’re fun to follow even when there isn’t a new product being released.   Check out Emil, Katie, and Gina.

What about you?  Are you excited about Eberron?  Worried?  Confused?

I can’t wait to get my hands on these books.  I’m also thinking maybe next time I try my hand at DMing, it’ll be an Eberron campaign.

Pre-order your Eberron Player’s Guide – you know you want one.


Here’s where the other Eberron spoilers are hiding…

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