Seth Godin, Cat Food, and Your Online Dating Profile

For those not in the know, Seth Godin is basically a marketing god.  His shiny, bald, Jean-Luc Picard-esque head produces ideas that big corporations are hungry to know and use.

People are throwing money at him, much like a poor pathetic man throws wads of cash at his favorite stripper for the chance that she may gyrate her g-string in his direction.

I love Seth.  He’s smart and I love smart people.  I also love lots of other marketing people (especially Naomi from IttyBiz).   I watched a video a while back of Seth speaking to Google about cat food.  Well, okay, he spoke about lots of other things, but I’m going to tell you about the cat food part because it applies to online dating profiles in a very nifty way.

Cat Food Is Not For Cats

Seth points out that the purpose of marketing is to tell a story that the consumer wants to be THEIR story.  Paint a picture that people are dying to see themselves in, and they will clamor to buy your product in hopes of living the dream, as it were.

As an example, he put up some pictures of cat food ads.  If cat food were really for cats, wouldn’t it come in mouse flavor?  What cat wouldn’t want mouse-flavored food?   (It actually would come in mouse flavor and be heated to the temperature of freshly-dead mouse!)

But no, cat food comes in all sorts of flavors that cats couldn’t care less about, including the one Seth points out as particularly ludicrous – GRILLED SALMON.   Because if a cat was going to choose how his salmon was prepared…

When you buy cat food, Seth says, you’re not buying sustenance for your cat.  You’re buying well-being for yourself.   You’re buying into the story that your cat would be happier if he ate grilled salmon vs. freshly dead mouse.  In reality, your cat doesn’t give a meow either way.

What Does This Have To Do With Online Dating?

I see so many online dating profiles that are written the wrong way.

“Eek!  Really, E?”


As weird as it may sound, your online dating profile should read like an advertisement, a marketing campaign for yourself!   Just like cat food, you need to put yourself in the mind of your consumer – what do they want?  Can you paint a picture of your life that will make someone eager to be a part of it?

While it is indeed YOUR dating profile, remember you’re not writing it for yourself.  You’re writing it to draw in the person who finds the picture of your life irresistible!

Not sure how to do that?  Don’t worry, I can help you paint that picture (or touch up the picture you’ve already painted).  Check out the GDG services and testimonials by folks who are already attracting great people with their new profiles!

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