Geek Love: Embarrassing PhotoShop Disasters!

It’s a special day!  It’s the birthday of two very special people in my blogging world – J, my Assistant DreamGirl and Yax of  In honor of this special day, I have two very special Photoshop pictures that I have made for them.

Please note, I have only enough Photoshop skills to be dangerous.

Are you ready?  Can you handle it?

Happy Birthday J!

I am so happy that I hired you, J.  You filled a gap in Geek’s Dream Girl that I didn’t even realize I had.

I’m loving having you here with all your awesome sci-fi knowledge and opinions.

I know that people love you because you always get tons of comments – and heck, people are GOOGLING looking for you!

I’m so glad we’re working together and hopefully one day I’ll have enough money to start sending you to the sci-fi cons to spread the Geek’s Dream Girl word!

What’s really funny that most people don’t know about J is that we used to both live in Orlando and have mutual friends, but never actually met each other.  One of her best friends dated the roommate of my ex-boyfriend (but before I met him – confused yet?).  Either way, I can’t wait until the day when J and I can meet in person.  We get along so well online!

Happy Birthday, Yax!

Yax has the privilege of turning 30 eleven whole days before me – nyah nyah nyah!

I will always have a spot in my heart for you, Yax.  You were one of the first “big name” bloggers to pay attention to me and link to me.  (And heck, you weren’t even THAT big back then!  Look at you now!)

I’ve admired your ability to research and apply all the newest stuff in internet marketing and blogging to grow Expy’s empire.

He must be a hard dragon to please, because you’ve been working your tail off for a long time!

Don’t worry about turning 30.  I’m not!   I hear 30 is the new 20, anyway.  We’ve gotten out of our “young and stupid” years and have moved into “experienced and crazy” years!  Sounds fun, right?

Leave your birthday wishes below!

Got a birthday wish for Yax or J?  Leave a comment!

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