Freshen Up With A Summer Headline!

You update your Facebook about six times a day.  You update Twitter about six times six times.  When was the last time you changed your online dating profile headline?

Do you even remember what your profile headline is?   Go on, check it… I’ll wait…

Celebrate Summer!

Why not use the new season for inspiration for a new and fun headline?  Let me give you some ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

  • School’s out for summer!  (Good for teachers and students!)
  • Is it back to school yet?  (Good for single parents!!)
  • Going from redhead to blond, one swim at a time.
  • Riding the waves, waving to the sharks
  • Anybody up for beach volleyball?
  • I have a moonroof and the tanline to prove it.
  • When the going gets hot, the hot gets in the A/C!

All of these can stand alone as a new headline, but they can also be incorporated into your profile should you have the time to freshen that up, too.  Get that second glance from that special someone who may have passed you by!

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