Father’s Day is Sunday! Why Is Your Dad A Geek?

If you read that headline and said, “HOLY SHIT!! I TOTALLY FORGOT!” then perhaps an Amazon.com gift card is in order?  You can email them instantly or print one out in a nice little card and bring it to Dad’s house.

In the meantime… why is your dad a geek?   I know mine is…

My dad is a total geek.  I grew up watching such fine television with him as Dr. Who (I had no idea WTF was going on and was kinda scared of the monsters), Star Trek, Quantum Leap (I freakin’ LOVED this show),  and probably every cartoon out there (my dad loved cartoons, possibly more than my brother and I did).

My dad is mainly a train geek.  Ever since I was little, our basement consisted of 25% trainset, 25% train workshop, 25% home office, 25% laundry room.  He even turned a good 50% of our backyard into a train paradise.

My dad doesn’t just buy trains, my dad builds them.   When I was a kid, he would buy those crappy go-round-the-Christmas-tree toy trains, gut them for parts, and build a whole new train out of it.  He tried again and again to get my brother and I interested in it, but it just wasn’t our thing.

When I was in high school, I worked at the local McDonalds.  At one point, they were doing Happy Meal toys featuring all the classic Disney movies.  The toys came in a little white box that looked just like the oldschool VHS box.  My dad insisted I pick up one of each toy (including Dumbo, the under 3 toy!) and bring them home for him.   He created a multi-color train, glued each Disney character in a car by the window, and under the window, he affixed the title of the movie the character had starred in.  He even made a caboose just for Dumbo.  This train is now a star at the regional train shows.

My dad totally geeks out about trains and luckily, has found a group of guys in the local train club (and online!) who also geek out about trains.

What’s your dad’s geek flavor?

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