How I Learned to Relax and Love the Pop-Culture Explosion

Okay, I’m an adult; I can confess this without shame.

I’m a major fan of Harry Potter, and I’m eagerly awaiting opening night for the sixth movie.  I’ve been to at least one midnight book release party, and I intend on getting a Hogwarts Express at some point for my Christmas tree.


It wasn’t always like this, however.  I once said I would never read Harry Potter, because it was a cult (cult meaning obsessive fandom, not anything religious).  The first three or so books had taken the world by storm, and I barely knew anything about it, although I admitted it would have been right up my alley at ten years old.

Then I saw the first movie.  I was entranced, and read the first book.  It was good, but I wasn’t hooked just yet, and I decided I’d read each subsequent book after the film.  Fast forward to one year later: the second movie comes out, I read the second book… and the third… and the fourth… all in 24 hours.

I don’t know why I get so stubborn when “everyone” loves something.  My sister and brother-in-law tried to get me to watch Firefly for probably more than a year, but they were so gung-ho about it that it turned me off.  Eventually I caught it when some friends were doing a mini-marathon, and guess what?  It was a great series.  I loved it.

I could say that over-zealous fans turn me off, but I didn’t actually know any of the Harry Potter sort before I read the series; and besides, who am I to judge someone for taking joy in their fandom?  At any rate, whether it was young rebellion or a bit of sf snobbery, I’ve made an effort to take more suggestions over the years.

What about you?  What have you come to love despite your best efforts?

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