Dear Anon-O-Box: Can I Find Love on Twitter?

Dear Anon-O-Box,

Any advice on starting/escalating something via Twitter? Lots of back and forth but not DMs and we’re in different states. Never thought about it as a possibility, but something feels clicky.

- Tweet, Tweet Love or Keyboard Error?

Dear Tweet Love,

Sounds like you’ve been having a lot of fun in the Twitterverse!  Good for you!

So what should you do about this love interest?

From your description, it seems that you have a good rapport via Twitter thus far.  If you’re bantering back and forth all day, it’s a pretty good sign that the other party likes you.

Now… that could just mean that they like you as a conversation partner.  There are plenty of people of the opposite sex that I chat with all day that I would never consider dating.

If you’re really interested in this person as a romantic possibility, I’d start out by sending a couple DMs and see if they respond.   If things seem to be going smoothly, drop in your IM handle(s) and mention that it would be nice to chat without the 140 character limit.  See if they take the bait.

Beyond that, keep on developing your friendship with this person.  Since a great romantic relationship has a foundation in a great friendship, you’ll end up with a great friend whether things pan out or not.

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