Divine Power: E’s Top Five Fun Ways to Roleplay a Cleric

Words cannot describe how excited I am to have my hands on Divine Power.  This slender purple book holds all sorts of wondrous things for my favorite character ever, Mielka the Divine Oracle of Moradin.

But you don’t want to hear me blather on about my character.  (If you do, click here and I’ll happily oblige!)

As I did with Arcane Power, I’ll be reviewing this book from the standpoint of a roleplayer and let you know about all the cool new things you can do with the builds, powers, and paths!

Let’s start with the cleric!

#1 New Build:  Shielding Cleric

“You believe that your place is not to take the fight to the enemy directly, but to bolster allies with your presence.  Your prayers lend additional resources to your friends and create opportunities for them to defeat their foes.  Yours is a life of leadership through self-sacrifice, ongoing support, and inspiration.”

Okay, I lied about not talking about my character.  This is TOTALLY the build I wanted for Mielka from the get-go!   Being grossed out by blood, Mielka’s always been a bit confused about why Moradin chose her to be a healer, but the ability to be useful AND far away from the blood and guts is most appealing to her!   The class feature, Channel Divinity: Healer’s Mercy is very sweet (close burst 5 healing surge!), but it’s in place of Turn Undead.  A very tricky decision indeed.

#2 Level 2 Utility Spell:  Life Transference

“Bruises and lacerations appear on your body as they vanish from your patient.”

Tor was raised by monks who preached a life of simplicity, prayer, and self-sacrifice.   He believes that his job is to absorb the suffering of the world because he is better able to withstand the pain.   “Let me take it,” he whispers as he rests his hands upon a bleeding party member.   Tor barely blinks as deep cuts appear on his forearms, opening anew the white scars that line his body like a map.

#3 Level 9 Daily Prayer:  Rebuke Violence

“With a fervent prayer, you purge all thoughts of battle from your enemy’s mind.”

Gynna is a believer in peace.  You’d call her a hippie if there were such things back in the day.  (Which was a Wednesday, by the way.)   Gynna became a cleric for two reasons.    Her number one reason is peace.  She really prefers all her battles to be verbal battles fighting for peaceful ways to resolve things.   But she’s realistic.  She knows that world peace probably is a dream best dreamed while high on magical herbs, so she’d better use the powers granted her by the gods for healing and other happy things.

(By the way, Vow of Nonviolence is now available as part of the Messenger of Peace path!)

#4  Level 12 Battle Chaplain Utility Prayer:  Battle Hymn

“You raise your voice in song, and your companions carry its power into battle.”

No one teaches Warforged how to sing.  So it’s no surprise when 1337 “raises his voice in song” that it sounds a bit… monotone?  Tinny?  Like stuffy ancient Catholic priests?  (Oh, sorry, that’s my past showing!)  Either way, 1337′s party members find his song eerily inspiring.   In any case, it’s better than their previous cleric, a fire-breathing Dragonborn who scorched their asses as he sang them into battle.  (At least they charged faster!)

#5 Level 12 Miracle Worker Utility Prayer:  Miraculous Grace

“Your timely prayer enables your ally to escape certain doom.”

Ever have that buddy that will push you when you’re standing on the edge of a precipice, grab you, and snicker “Saved Yer Life!! Har har har!“?   Yrew is one of those “friends.”  A mischievous gnome with healing powers that match no other, but a chip on his shoulder that’s bigger than his head.  Sure, he’ll save you, but he’ll want you to acknowledge how totally cool it was that he grabbed you back from sudden death.  In fact, his party wonders if he puts off healing them during battle just so he can make the miraculous save later.

Honorable Mention:

Level 5 Daily Prayer:  Iron to Glass

“Tracing runes of denial in the air, you cause your foe’s weapons to become as brittle as glass.”

This is the Cleric version of RUST MONSTER!  Super sweet power that gives significant penalties to melee damage rolls that get worse and worse as the creature fights.

Stay Tuned…

Tomorrow we take a look at the Avenger!  Are your PCs full to the brim with Divine Power yet?

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