Divine Power: E’s Top Five Fun Ways to Roleplay an Avenger

Today’s the day when everyone can get their hands on Divine Power.  Are you excited?  If you pre-ordered, it might be waiting for you when you get home from work!

In my previous post, I focused on the new build, powers, and paths of the Cleric.    Today, we’re looking at everyone’s favorite anger management student – the Avenger.

#1 Level 1 Daily Prayer: Wings of Light

“Shining wings sprout from your shoulders for a moment, carrying you swiftly to your sworn foe.”

Ever seen a flying dwarf?  Wanna?  Farthok has wanted to fly ever since he was a young dwarf.  While most other dwarves were saying, “DON’T TOSS THE DWARF!” to their parties, Farthok was fond of being tossed into the heat of battle.   Imagine his surprise while training to be an Avenger when he learned he could sprout wings and toss himself!   That’s one happy flying dwarf.

#2 Level 6 Utility Prayer: Harsh Lesson

“You seek penance in the hope that your faults might be corrected.”

Rytah is a perfectionist in everything she does – including her work as an avenger.   Whenever she misses a particularly important attack, she pulls a knife from her belt and slices her left arm.  Wincing, she apologizes to the Raven Queen for her poor performance and vows to do better.

#3 Level 10 Utility Prayer: Leading Step

“After your enemy strikes, you teleport away.  An instant later, you bring the enemy after you.”

Hymmer wanted to be a bard sooooo badly.  But his parents, noticing his quite flaming personality early in life, decided it would be better to send him to the temple to train as an avenger.   Genetics being as it is, Hymmer is now a flamingly gay avenger.   He loves to use Leading Step on unsuspecting enemies.  With a wink, he says, “Let’s go somewhere more private, love,” and teleports them to the nearest corner to beat them senseless.  Or he says, “This would be much hotter as a menage a trois,” and teleports himself and the enemy right in the middle of his party.   Fun fun!

#4  Level 29 Daily Prayer: March of Doom

“You command your foe to march to the place where you intend for it to die, and then send your allies to slay it there.”

As a worshiper of Kord, Vaun hates those who abuse their power.  It’s particularly satisfying for him when he can kill an enemy that has used and abused minions.   Vaun surveys the battlefield and raises his slender ivory arm, pointing at the perfect location.  “There,” he says, in a voice both soft and thundering.  “There is where you will die, wizard.

#5 Relentless Slayer Path Feature: Slayer’s Oath (Level 11)

“Whenever you use oath of enmity, you can target a second enemy with it if that enemy is your slayer’s enemy.  In addition, when you make an attack and could make two attack rolls because of oath of enmity, you can choose to forgo making the second roll to cause the attack to deal 2d6 extra damage instead.”

Asha’s hatred of the drow goes far beyond your typical elven prejudice.  She can’t even explain why without flying into a rage, so generally, no one asks.  It’s been very handy for her party, though, since they’ve been hired to assassinate a particularly nasty drow and his cohorts.  Asha is so excited that she rocks back and forth muttering to herself and grinning like a fool.  “The best kind of drow are dead drow,” she says.  “Dead as doornails.  With their heads cut off, preferably.

Stay Tuned…

Thursday, we take a look at the Paladin!  Get your geek butt to your friendly local gaming store and pick up Divine Power today!

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