Divine Power: E’s Top Five Fun Ways to Roleplay a Paladin

Still looking for a reason to buy Divine Power?  Got a paladin?

Is your party constantly trying to distract you so they can do evil deeds while you’re in another room?

In my previous posts, I focused on the new build, powers, and paths of the Cleric and Avenger.

Today, it’s Pally time!  You ready to rock out, holy-style?

#1 Level 1 Encounter Prayer: Heedless Fury

“You lay into your foe without regard to your own safety.”

Rumor has it that Reika should have been an Avenger and not a Paladin.  She’s just a little too… angry?  Most elves hate drow, but Reika takes it to a whole new level.  You can see her pale face turn red in a stripe down the center that radiates out until her whole visage is pulsing with rage.  Her party has tried to talk her down since she’s gotten seriously hurt when she’s been in that state, but they have to admit, she’s damn effective at kicking ass when she’s pissed.

#2 Level 5 Daily Prayer: Name of Might

“You shout an ancient angelic name of thunderous power that slows your foes.”

Brinnt is a name dropper.   This is almost always annoying (especially in a Gnome), but it is even worse because NOBODY has heard of these people.  He claims to be related to tons of “famous, legendary” gnomes… but no one has heard of them.  He claims to have spoken to “famous, legendary” demi-gods, but no one has heard of them.  Sometimes he stutters when he says their names – is he making them up on the spot?  Either way, it seems to work in slowing down enemies, so his party doesn’t mind that much.

#3 Level 13 Encounter Prayer: Eye for an Eye

“You raise your holy symbol and shout an imprecation to blind a foe that dares to assault your comrade.”

Hanna is a poet and she really knows it!  When she uses this prayer, she chants a rhyme at her enemy:

I see Xen’drik,

I see Krynn,

You’ll see neither, lousy djinn!

#4 Level 25 Daily Prayer: Spurn the Unworthy

“You slap down a foe that keeps you from greater enemies.”

Wry the Changeling Paladin is an odd one.   He has two histories – in his life as a dwarf, he worships Moradin and is well-known for his escapades driving the duergar out of the nearby mountains.  In his current life as an elf, he’s a sworn follower of Corellon and is looking to climb the ranks of the elven meritocracy by stomping out evil and darkness wherever he can find it.  He gets very upset when he can’t get to the big bad guy and will curse the minions and lesser monsters that get in the way of him killing his main target.

#5 Slayer of the Dead Attack 20: Bury The Dead

“The light of life gleams around you as you command the restless dead to return to their graves.”

Sarna is a beautiful half-elven paladin.  Flowing blonde hair, beautiful emerald eyes, and gleaming, perfectly polished armor.   But all that beauty changes to wrath when she’s faced with the undead.  “You will go nowhere until you are buried in the earth!” she bellows.  A ball of bright white light explodes from her, searing the undead, causing their skin to drip from their bones.

Stay Tuned…

The last installment is coming next week… the Invoker!  Get your geek butt to your friendly local gaming store and pick up Divine Power today!

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