Give Some Love to the Little Cons

bananaman Comic-Con has come and gone, and left in its wake a trail of discussions on gender politics, the sex lives of geeks, and, oh yeah, comics.  Rather than pine over what we may have missed, why don’t we sit up and take notice of our surroundings?  There are tons of smaller, local conventions that are struggling in this economy.  Ones who count their attendance in the hundreds, or thousands, instead of tens of thousands, and yet who often have great guests and dealers. 

Here’s the problem:  if you’re not a hardcore fan in a given genre, it’s often hard to even know these cons exist.  In Orlando alone, my favorite is FX, but there’s also MegaCon, Screamfest, and probably countless others.  E recently visited Origins, Balticon and ConCarolinas.  I can only imagine how many are available to drivers in the New England area, where the states are the size of postage stamps.

So I want to know what your favorite little local con is.  I don’t want ridiculous amounts of plugging; I just want you to be able to give the heads-up to fellow geeks.  After all, the only thing better than a party is a geek party!

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