Don’t Care Much About The ENnies?

giantenniesbuttonYou’re thinking, “Whatevs, I don’t go to GenCon, why should I care who wins the ENnies?”  or maybe, “I don’t even know or play most of the stuff on the list.

Well, non-voter, I’m here to tell you that you need to march your fingers over to the ballot box and vote, if only for the fine gentlemen of

Here are 3 perfectly good reasons to vote for and 3 totally random ones that you can use if you need alternative motivation.

The Legitimate Reasons

1: Critical-Hits is the epitome of journalistic excellence in a gaming blog.  While other blogs are full of off-topic and inane posts, Critical-Hits always delivers on-topic, well-written news and reviews about gaming culture.

2: Critical-Hits has been around for nearly 4 years and they’re not going anywhere.  I’m not sure if that makes them the oldest website in the ENnies Best Website category, but it might.  The younger sites have plenty of time to win!

3: DaveTheGame, Editor-in-Chief of Critical-Hits, just got his Masters degree in Publications Design.  What does this mean for you?  It means that he’s committed to making his website even better!  So much so that he’s paid good money to get the education necessary to take it to the next level.

Illegitimate Reasons

1: I’m dating DaveTheGame and would have to console his sorry ass for the rest of GenCon if he didn’t at least get a Silver award.

2: Bartoneus has an adorable puppy.  Witness the cute:


3: Because I said so, and as my loyal minion, you really should do as I say.  Oh, this one time, I got to write a post for them.

Go vote for Critical-Hits in the ENnies.  You don’t have to vote for ANYTHING ELSE if you don’t want.  (Tho I do recommend voting for Dwarven Sweatshoppe – I have one of their dice trays and it is beautiful!)


(Vote 1 because Critical-Hits is #1!)

Clarification:  I care lots about the ENnies and love Morrus and his work at ENworld.  The post title was clickbait.  If you’re reading this, I guess it worked!

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