Divine Power: E’s Top 5 Fun Ways to Roleplay an Invoker

Here’s the last installment of the series on Divine Power.

In my previous posts, I focused on the new build, powers, and paths of the Cleric, Paladin, and Avenger.

Last but not least is everyone’s favorite channeler of holy words – The Invoker.

#1 New Build: Malediction Invoker

“The malediction invoker employs dread words of power to eradicate the gods’ foes.  The words are frequently too potent for mortals, imperiling the health and sanity of those who speak them.  Words of power bear a physical price.”

Sounds to me like you can now play D&D with a SANITY CHECK!  See, now I want to play a malediction invoker who slowly goes insane over the course of a campaign.  Sigh.  Anybody want to start up a new campaign for me?  I only have two I’m playing in at the moment and that’s not nearly enough.

#2 Level 2 Utility Prayer:  Divine Protection

“You act knowing that your god will save you from harm.”

Cheddar is an interesting Halfling.  It all started when her parents named her after their favorite cheese.  Things always seem to want to eat Cheddar, but Sehanine keeps her eye on the little invoker, because she’s able to weave in and out of the action during battle without getting so much as a scratch on her.  Before leaping into the fray, Cheddar kisses a small amulet that hangs from her neck and says, “Watch my back, sister!”  And Sehanine does.

#3 Level 5 Daily Prayer: Malediction of Blindness

“At your command, your foes lose their sight.  The power of this prayer leaves you barely able to defend yourself for a moment.”

Juanton is a lover.  When he’s not trying to bed the nearest female, he’s trying to bring together others in blissful encounters.  He sees evil creatures as opposing love, and thus, they’re not worthy of seeing his fine Elven self.  The anger in Juanton builds up over the course of an encounter.  The more he sees his friends being hurt, the more angry he gets until he finally explodes, blinding all those around him.  He stumbles a bit to get his bearings and is able to fight again in a short while.

#4 Level 19 Daily Prayer: Forced Submission

“Your enemy bends to the divine will expressed through you.  You cease focusing on your own defense while you harness it.”

Dance, monkey, dance!” No one really knows why Kord called upon Mikah to do his work, because he’s really a very immature human.  Sure he’s strong, sure he’s brave, but he’s got the sense of humor of a schoolboy.   He makes sure that every enemy he dominates does the Monkey Dance before doing anything useful.

#5  Adept of Whispers Level 12 Prayer: Restorative Word

“You softly call your comrade’s name and whisper a word of healing power.”

Oria is under a vow of silence, having given her voice to the gods.  She only speaks the words of power and no others.  In fact, she’s even mastered her spells so well that for some, she can merely think the words of power to cast them.   A trained lute player, Oria will “voice” her opinions during party negotiations through her music – and it’s pretty obvious by her choice of chords how she feels about the situation.

What Do You Think…

Should I go back and do a similar series for Martial Power before Primal Power comes out in October?

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