What’s Up With Ladies Night? You Chicks Wanted Equality, Remember?

This is one of those topics that is both sad and funny.   I’ve gotten a few comments about this topic, both as related to clubs & bars as well as my Geek Monthly Matchmaking Mailer program.

It seems that some of you gentlemen are a little peeved at the fact that women are getting special prices.  Equality, you say!  Whatever happened to equality?

Let me break it to you as kindly as I can – there ain’t no equality.

There’s never been equality and there will never be equality.   All we can do is try to tip the scales back and forth until a reasonable outcome occurs.

It hurts, I know.   You want the women to pony up and pay their way so you can feel like you’ve both suffered equally in the dating game (at least, financially speaking).  But it’s not going to happen that way, and here’s why.

Let’s say you own a club in the bustling metropolis of your choice.  Now, you have your regulars, the folks who come in no matter what band or DJ is pumping out the tunes, the folks who come in no matter if it’s Tuesday or Saturday.  They’re your bread and butter.

But as we all know, you can’t live on bread and butter alone.  It gets boring.  Eventually, all of your bread knows all of your butter.  They’ve intermingled so long that they’re tired of each other.  Or, worse yet, a fight breaks out between one pair and you lose a bunch of butters because they don’t like the kind of bread that hangs out at your establishment anymore.

So, if you keep things on the even, you’ll eventually end up toast.  Dry, tasteless toast.

But you’re a smarter cookie.  You think to yourself, there’s got to be a way to bring in lots of new people.   But you want to be sure you get a good mix of the genders, since everyone knows one of the best ways to get business is to be “that club with the hot chicks everywhere.

How does one procure a good ratio of chicks to … gentlemen?

You have Ladies Night.  With inexpensive drinks for the ladies, you ensure that 1) more ladies show up to your club than other clubs in the area and 2) said ladies are inebriated enough to want to go home with your … gentlemen clientele.

It’s win-win, isn’t it?  …and before you get on your high horse and start whining, think about haircuts.   Those have been priced in favor of men for years and have only now started to even out in price.  Don’t you owe us a couple free White Russians?   (Besides, the free drinks are always with the crappy cheap alcohol anyway.)

Clubbing has never been my style, so I’ve always gone out to events like live concerts, swing dances, and movies.  These are priced equally for both genders.  Online dating sites are also priced equivalently for both men and women.

So why is GeekMMM‘s price skewed to benefit women?

It’s not.  It’s skewed to benefit men.  The majority of my readers (at least the ones that are most vocal!) are men.  Men are still in the majority of the RPG playing population and the geek population at large.   With the prices as is, I’m hovering at just about a 50/50 split between guy geeks and girl geeks.  If I evened out the prices, GeekMMM would be a sausage fest, and I’m sure you’re all very familiar with how good your chances are of getting a date when you’re attending a sausage fest.

(Unless you’re a sausage who is also into other sausages…)

So, let the tacos of the world have our free drinks and our cheap admission rates.  In the end, you’re the ones that benefit.

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