Guide to E Stalking at GenCon Indy 2009

OMG, GenCon starts on Wednesday!  I’m super excited because:

1) It’s my first GenCon!  I had bought a badge last year and had to skip because I got a new job that had mandatory training on the same days.  (Go figure, I’m not doing that job anymore!)

2) I’m going to get to meet and play games with a bunch of my favorite people – my fellow bloggers and my readers!

So, should you want to stalk me, here’s your totally awesome info:

But Before That!

Go to if you haven’t bought your GenCon badge yet!  The Procrastination Fairy has granted them 3 weekend passes for GenCon that you can WIN with your witty comment!  Go, go, go!

Identifying the E in the Wild

E is a curvy girl.  And by curvy, I mean, I’m very huggable at the moment.  I just got back from my pre-GenCon haircut, so I’m rockin’ dark brown hair with a pinkish-purple streak.

You’ll also notice that I’m wearing my Geek’s Dream Girl t-shirt – I have it in a bunch of different colors so I don’t look like one of those con goers that wears the same outfit all four days and reeks of nerd whiff.  I promise I’m going to shower every day and smell like soap and shampoo.   (I can’t say the same for my roommates – if DaveTheGame, Bartoneus, or ChattyDM stink, it’s probably because I used all the hot water in our room.)

E’s Schedule (at least, it’s the plan!)

Wednesday Night

Drunken D&D with folks from Critical-Hits, ChattyDM, Critical Ankle Bites, and Head Injury Theater.  After a day of airports, I will need some fine adult beverages and dice rolling to unwind.   My character is Honey Pott, the Half-Elf Psion with a Bard twist.  We’re doing a game of high school stereotype characters, and Honey is the band geek/slut.


4:00 pm (Westin – Caucus):  RPG Bloggers Panel (I’ll be in the audience – the folks who run the site will be on the panel.)

10:36 pm:  TrueDungeon


9:00 am:  Queen of the Geeks pageant (cheering for Tasha of StupidRanger!)

1:00 pm (Westin – Caucus):  The Women of RPG Blogging Panel (with me and Tasha of StupidRanger)

4:00 pm: Wizards of the Coast Press Game (sorry, you can’t come!)

7:00 pm:  The Ennies Awards Ceremony


9:00 am (Westin – Caucus):  So You Want To Be an RPG Blogger panel (I’ll be in the audience, assuming I don’t want to sleep in.)

4:00 pm:  All-Bard D&D with the StupidRanger crew & friends

8:00 pm (Union Station – The House):  Media Meet & Greet


9:00 am (Westin – Caucus):  Out of the Box Roleplaying (Come be in the audience!! It’s going to be hilarious.  I’m playing a psychic illiterate druid.)


Obviously, as with all trips, the schedule is subject to change.  If you watch me on Twitter, you’ll get a good idea of where I am.

Want to find me ASAP?  Just click here.  Assuming my phone battery isn’t dead or I’m not asleep, I should tweet my location for you.

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