Bringing Fashion Back to the Future, One Shoe At a Time

I’ve mentioned before that no small part of my vision of The Future is based on Back to the Future II and its depictions of life in 2015.

Of course, part of the fun of watching any older movie, set in the future, is everything they get wrong: Texaco stations, endless Jaws sequels, and of course, the fashion: holographic materials, neon colors, puffy sneakers.  Of course that’s not how the real future is… right?

Actually, it’s beginning to look like fashions have cycled all the way back around.  Looking at department store websites today, I think I’ve stumbled into that version of The Future. 

Of course, last year Nike came out with their Hyperdunks, based specifically on the Nikes worn by Marty McFly, but that’s a specific homage to the movie.  But a quick look at current sneaker fashion reveals that they’re all getting a lot more, well, puffy.  Some skate shoes have begun to creep up the ankle.   Even some of the Converse knock-offs are getting fatter, like a cartoon sketch of themselves. skechershoe

At this point I’m thinking that, on the later side of my twenties, I might be too old to rock this look.  I might stick with tried-and-true Chucks.  Sure, I might have been wearing them off and on since I was nine, but apparently you can be a 900-year-old Time Lord and they’ll still work.

But what do you think?  Should I embrace the style and welcome The Future?  Should I start shopping for rainbow-colored caps and metallic visors?  And what’s your vision of futuristic fashion?

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