E’s Con Travels: GenCon 2009, D&D Awesomeness

As you read in my first post about GenCon 2009, I played a lot of D&D.

And I hear ya.  You’re saying, “E, the whole POINT of going to a con is to play stuff you don’t normally play at home!

And to that I say, “Phooey! It’s my GenCon and I’ll play 4e if I want to!

But there was much more to my awesome GenCon experience than just playing D&D…

The Wizards Booth

Sadly, the booth was just too damn BIG to get a picture of the whole thing.  It was seriously bigger than some Friendly Local Gaming Stores I’ve been to… okay, it was bigger than MOST Friendly Local Gaming Stores!

Big. Beautiful. Purple.  Oh, and they were handing out freebies.  I got a drow assassin mini and a cool Ampersand patch that I need to affix to my laptop bag.

If you signed up for DDI (or renewed your subscription), you got a packet of sneak preview of the new character class, The Assassin.  (My fuzzy cell phone pic wasn’t meant to be read, but people tried..)  If you want the hi-res photos taken with a real camera, go check out the post on Critical-Hits.

We also got to check out more of the new D&D Miniatures set – but sadly, they were sold out of Beholders by the time we arrived.   Don’t worry, though – we found one when we got home in Maryland.  Ah, lovely Beholder family.  Complete!

Also, wandering around the Wizards booth you could find at any given moment one of your favorite writers, developers, or artists.  Even a friendly community manager with a bionic leg.  (Hi, Trevor!)

The one crazy part was ducking out of the sights of my nemesis, Shelly Mazzanoble.  Dave makes an excellent shield for such duckings.

D&D 4e Extravaganza

Wizards of the Coast held a two hour long D&D 4e Extravaganza, where they were set to announce the 2010 campaign setting.  Since everyone had an opinion about what it was going to be, it was pretty much THE big announcement of the convention.

Why they picked such a TINY room is beyond me.  It was standing room only by the time things got rolling.  Dave was on tweeting duty, Bartoneus was the official photographer, and I was the fuzzy photographer because gosh darn it, the Blackberry Curve takes awful indoor photographs, and even worse ones when you have to use the 5x zoom.

But hey, if you’re not at GenCon, a RIGHT NOW picture, even a fuzzy one, is better than nothing.  So I snapped away at as many slides as I could.

There are SO MANY things about the next year of D&D that I’m excited about… and from what I heard from my Twitter followers, you all are pretty excited too!

I want everything, but these things in particular:

  • DMG2 - because it sounds totally awesome and I need to start DMing again
  • Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons - because seriously, dragons.
  • Underdark - I have a thing for drow.
  • Player’s Strategy Guide – because Gabe from Penny Arcade did the cover!  Oh, and then retweeted me, and then linked to my fuzzy picture.  I can die happy now.  (I love you Gabe!)
  • Dark Sun – because it will be awesome AND it’s coming out for GenCon 2010!

Witness the awesome (I’m still in awe):


The Interviews

You know me, I’m not a fancy schmancy journalist.  I’m a geek girl who loves to game and just happens to write pretty darn awesome online dating profiles for geeks.  But I date a gaming journalist, which comes with the perk of being able to tag along for all the interviews.

But to be fair, you can seriously meet and chat with all these people whether you’re from the press or not!  Part of the reason they go to conventions is to meet the fans, so if you’re at GenCon or any other con that WotC attends, don’t be shy!  Go up, shake a hand, say hello.

Check out the recorded interviews at Critical-Hits (and listen to the progression of Dave’s con crud as it gets worse and worse):

The Nemesis

I finally did bump into Shelly Mazzanoble at a certain outing after the ENnies.  Let’s just say that words were exchanged and there will be an ultimate showdown of some sort at GenCon 2010.   It may or may not involve Jell-O.  Until then, I have my eye on her…

One More!

I have one more post to write about GenCon.  My apologies for being so late on things, but my Twitter followers know that the past week has been occupied by much worry about my cat, Mr. Peanut, who had to go in for emergency treatment.   Thank you for your kind words, prayers, and support.  He’s at home now and getting back to his usual talkative, cuddly self.

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