Goblins and Worgen and Deathwing, Oh My: Thoughts on BlizzCon and World of Warcraft

leeroy It’s no secret that I play World of Warcraft.  I hover somewhere in the “casual” realm: I have a level 80 character, but only one (my original Night Elf rogue).  I really like beginning new characters, so I have a ton of them – but the next highest is a level 60.  Most of them stall out between 20 and 50.

I suppose I’m one of “those people” that the people of Blizzard cater to by lowering mount level requirements and making quests easier.  I’ve never complained about that sort of thing, I swear!  I just lose interest.   I love the Northrend content, but I have to get up to 70 first – and I’ll be honest, I hate Hellfire Peninsula. 

One thing that has definitely piqued my interest is the newly-announced Cataclysm expansion.  I tend to play Alliance, and I am excited beyond belief about the Worgen.  Almost as exciting, though, is the idea that every zone, 1-60, will be changed; unlike many long-time players, most of my characters will be directly affected, and I won’t have to roll someone new just to try it out.

Of course, these won’t be the only changes in the expansion; there will be brand-new content in addition to deeper structural changes.

So what I want to know is, if you play WoW, what piece of BlizzCon news are you most excited about?  What makes you angry?  And, whether you’re usually Alliance or Horde, are you more interested in playing a Goblin or a Worgen?

(E’s note:  All this talk of BlizzCon is making me want to take up the WoWcrack again.  Any other “sober” folks contemplating a relapse?)

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