E’s Con Travels: GenCon 2009, The Sessions, The People, The Exhibits!

It’s been a couple weeks and I am seriously bummed about leaving behind GenCon for a WHOLE YEAR.

Here’s my final wrap-up about GenCon 2009, the sessions, the people and the exhibit hall!

The Sessions

I participated in two sessions while at GenCon.  The first was the Women of RPG Blogging, held on Friday afternoon in the Westin.  It was originally supposed to be me, Tasha of StupidRanger, and Janna of DungeonMastering, but in a late turn of events, Janna couldn’t make it to GenCon, so we had to do without her.  *sniffle*  We missed you, Janna!

It was a small turnout, but very awesome folks!  Tasha and I talked a bit about our gaming histories, how each of us got into RPG blogging, and then moved into discussing our girl RPG gamers book (still in progress!).  We shared a bit of the statistics that we discovered after compiling all the surveys and read some of the cooler bits that were written by our female survey takers.

I was super nervous.  Gosh, do I get freaked out in front of an audience.  Sigh.  Luckily, Tasha is not a STUPID Ranger, she’s a very Cool Under Pressure Ranger and she kept things moving when my brain and mouth weren’t communicating with each other.

This, folks, is why I’m a writer.

Anyhoo, the whole thing will be up on PulpGamer eventually.  I’ll update this post with the link once it’s live.

The other session I participated in was Out of the Box Roleplaying, hosted by the folks of StupidRanger. Check the GenCon Gaming post to read the insanity.  To sum it all up:  My druid had sex with a displacer beast.  On purpose.  (She’s a druid, all one with nature and stuff… right?)

The RPG Bloggers panel included Dave & Bartoneus of Critical Hits, Phil of ChattyDM and Graham of Critical Ankle Bites.  There was a good sized audience, but it was quickly determined that most of them were network members.  Most of that panel focused on plans to improve the network site and hopefully earn some money so the folks who do the work on the site can be paid for their time.  (I’ve seen Dave working on the network – it’s time-consuming stuff!)

The People

I mentioned all the awesomeness of meeting the folks from Wizards of the Coast, but GenCon was also a time to meet up with people that I don’t ever see outside of the internet!

The RPG Bloggers panel was a great time to meet and match faces to avatars with all of our blogger friends.  There was also a Media Meet & Greet where we got to hang out and drink.  Then there were all the lunch and dinner outings.

Dave, Bartoneus, and I shared a room with Phil the Chatty DM.  There’s  a lot of inside jokes that I will spare you, but let’s just say that we got along well and nobody fought over the bathroom (much).   Oh, and I have an incriminating photo of one or more members of our room that will forever be my little secret.  Unless I’m wronged, of course!   *wink wink*

I finally got to meet Graham, the man who keeps my site working and has all my passwords.   (Isn’t it funny how we now trust in people we’ve never met in real life?)  I had a fun time with him playing in drunken D&D, TrueDungeon, and our press game with WotC’s Jeremy Crawford.  Oh, and his fiancee is a totally cool chick.  They’ll make adorable babies one day.

I had already met 2/3rds of the StupidRanger crew on my trip to Denver to work on the gamer girl book.   Getting to see Josh & Tasha again was high on my list, but equally anticipated was meeting Vanir (of E.L. Fudge and tarrasque-riding fame).   Other than the infamous Blue Rhino Incident at the Marriott, my favorite memory of Vanir was him voicing the stolen eye of Dave’s character, Henry Ne’erDoWell in Out of the Box on Sunday.

Oh gosh, who else did I meet?  Everyone.  So many people that I wish I had kept a running list!  I had a great time lunching at the Ram with Yax and Nicholas of DungeonMastering and Micah of Obsidian Portal.  Such great guys!

If I didn’t mention you by name, I’m sorry!  I still love you.  Really.

The Exhibit Hall

Holy crap.  I thought the exhibit hall at Origins was huge, but GenCon blows it away.  I seriously couldn’t get my bearings in it, even after four days of wandering.  Being about as directionally challenged as the next girl, I still can usually figure out where I’m going after four days, but not in that huge exhibit hall.

It was full of all sorts of shiny beautiful gaming things and also packed full of people.  On Wednesday when the hall first opened, it was hard to walk through it!

Things I drooled over, but didn’t buy:

Things that got taken home:

Fun stuff:

  • The Psychic Rat adoption sign at Bucephalus Games (I have a psychic rat and he is totally awesome, and creepy.  And awesome.)
  • Doctor Who RPG from Cubicle 7 due out in November!!
  • There was a scavenger hunt in the exhibit hall and one of the things you had to do was hold the giant Ptolus book at arms’ length for five minutes. Ouch!
  • Pathfinder was one of the big releases of GenCon 2009, and it wasn’t uncommon on Thursday to see guys carting around 6 copies (the maximum you could purchase).  Flashback to freshman year of high school, when your locker was as far as possible from your classes!
  • When in doubt, you can always find the Wizards of the Coast booth.

Until Next Year…

I’ll miss you, GenCon!  I’ll miss you, people I only see in real life at GenCon!  Let’s count down the days until we meet again…

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