Adventurer’s Vault 2: It’s Never Too Early To Think About Christmas

As you all know, Adventurer’s Vault 2 came out recently and it’s chock-full of awesome armor, shiny weapons, new wondrous items, and (possibly the coolest/weirdest section) tattoos.   If you have a subscription to D&D Insider, you got the sneak preview of the AV2 items months ago.  As for me, I love DDI, but I love my hardcover books, too.  Gotta have the best of both worlds!

In the following letter, Mielka Dawnhammer, Divine Oracle and Cleric of Moradin, sets out her holiday wishlist.  (Things in orange are text from the AV2.)

Dear Father Winter,

It’s me, Mielka. Moradin will tell you that I’ve been an extra good girl this year – after all, he made me a Divine Oracle!  HIMSELF, even!   I mean, even if I get nothing for Winter Solstice, I think that the memory of meeting the Soul Forger himself when I wasn’t already dead was a pretty big present.

But if you’re up for giving me some more stuff, here are some things that make my cleric-y heart go pitter-pat like … like… something that goes pitter-pat that’s not a heart.


Healer’s Armor – for extra healing goodness!

Property: When you use a healing power, the target regains additional hit points equal to the armor’s enhancement bonus.

Holy Radiance Armor – shiny beautiful shiny light! and healing! and light!

Power (Daily): Minor Action.  You expend your use of a Channel Divinity Power for this encounter and shed bright light 20 squares in all directions.  While within the light, you and each ally gain regeneration 3 while bloodied and +2 power bonus to saving throws.

Winged Armor – because every dwarf secretly wants to fly.  And honestly, Father Winter, walking chafes my ample womanly thighs, if you know what I mean.  Come to think of it, being FATHER Winter, you probably don’t… just trust me, k?

Power (Daily): Move Action.  You fly your speed.  You also gain a +2 power bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn.


Now, Father Winter, you know I’m not the type to jump into combat.  It’s just too bloody and gross up there.  But every once in a while, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.   It might be nice to do it with these:

Earth-Wrought Hammer – because it’s always good to have a bit of the mountain with you at all times.  Also, would be fun to yell like a mountain goat when knocking people over.

Critical:  The target is knocked prone.

Supremely Vicious Hammer – Okay, this is kinda a silly one.  There are other people in my life who would make better use of this.  But seriously, how awesome would it be to bring down the wrath of Moradin in a super lethal way once in a while?  Right?  Maybe I’ll just stick to healing, though.

Critical: +1d8 damage per plus, and you can choose to reroll any or all of your critical damage dice, but you must take the second result of each die.

Holy Symbols

I’m of the belief that a girl can’t have too many holy symbols.  I mean, it’s like, awesome.  It’s the bling of the gods.  Who’d want any other kind of bling?  Oh, and it has POWERS.  Yeah.  Nobody else’s bling from the corner shop has powers like Moradin’s bling.

Symbol of Branding – NOT FOR ME.  Please, Father Winter, bring this totally awesome holy symbol to a needy Paladin of Moradin.  Because what would be more awesomer  than Moradin symbols branded into the foreheads of every evil thing in sight?

As you utter a prayer, this symbol flares to sear your god’s icon into the forehead of your foe.  Until the end of the encounter, when that enemy takes radiant damage from your divine challenge or divine sanction, it takes 5 extra radiant damage.

Symbol of Defense – You know I hate blood.  This would help me prevent blood.  Hence, WORTH IT!

Power (Daily):  Immediate Interrupt.  Trigger: An attack hits an ally you can see.  Effect:  The ally gains a +5 power bonus to all defenses against the triggering attack.

Symbol of Shared Healing – I’m all about the healing.  So, this would be really good for my often-bleeding friends.  (See how NICE I am, Father Winter? I ask you for this stuff not for me, but for THEM!)

While you wear this symbol, you can heal an ally even as you tend to your own wounds.

Symbol of the Holy Nimbus – A nimbus is a cloud.  A cloud is fluffy.  I’m fluffy like a cloud.  Thus, this would be the bestest holy symbol ever for me.

When you use the healing word power during a combat encounter, you and each ally within 5 squares of you also gain temporary hit points equal to your Charisma modifier + the symbol’s enhancement bonus.


My old Shield of Protection is cool, but I think I’d really like a Preservation Shield better.  Even though it has arrows on it and those are kinda elfy, it’s okay.  I hear tell it’s good for quick healing.

Power (Daily): Minor Action.  You and each ally within 5 squares of you gain temporary hit points equal to the number of healing surges you have remaining.


Fey Warrior’s Boots – Okay, I know I said I’m not into elfy stuff, but let’s be honest here.  I’m a 5×5 dwarf, I’m not too good on the quickness.  These might help me get out of the way of things a bit quicker.

Power (At Will):  Immediate Reaction.  Trigger: An attack misses you.  Effect: You teleport 3 squares.


Gloves of Grace – I’m pretty sure part of my destiny is being around people who are always dying.  Like, seriously.  These might help me prevent this from happening.

Power (Daily):  Minor Action.  An ally adjacent to you makes a saving throw.


Sacred Mask – It’s pretty and ivory and it scares away the undead – how super cool is that?  Besides, every so often I need to hide my drunk face and when singing the Sober Face Song doesn’t work, this mask would do just fine!

Property:  When you use a Channel Divinity class feature, until the end of your next turn, you deal 1d6 extra radiant damage against undead enemies and can score a critical hit against undead enemies on a roll of 18-20.


Possum Amulet – I’ve already met Moradin twice, Father Winter, so I’d really like to have this amulet so I don’t have to meet him again until my destiny is fulfilled.

Power (Daily):  Trigger: An attack reduces you to 0 hit points or fewer.  Effect:  You are instead reduced to 1 hit point and knocked prone.  Enemies believe that you have been reduced to 0 hit points, and you gain total concealment from them until the end of your next turn.


Alliance Band – Because you know how much I love preventing people from bleeding everywhere.  This will help keep everybody nice and sealed up!

This silver ring is inset with complex interlocking decorations and provides healing to your allies.

So, Father Winter, if you could, bring me some of these thingies.  There’s a good long time left before Winter Solstice, so I’ll probably even be strong enough to wear all of them by then.  (Well, except the hammer, you can’t WEAR a hammer, duh.)

To sum things up, I’ve been a very good girl.  Ask any of my traveling companions.  Nobody’s even died yet!

Thanks for everything,


Mielka Dawnhammer

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