Great Dates in 50 States: San Francisco, California

(e’s note:  Please welcome today’s guest writers for Great Dates in 50 States, Denis & Emma Merkas of

San Francisco is one of our favorite cities.  Here are some of the best places to experience with a date…

The Tamale Lady and the Crème Brulee Guy

sanfrantamalesStart by hanging out at the Zeitgeist bar in Mission:

199 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 255-7505

Cheap drinks and a funky atmosphere make it a good place to begin with a drink (perhaps an award-winning Bloody Mary?).

If you’re lucky, the Tamale Lady will make an appearance at some point!  Pounce on her while you can, she’s a hot commodity in those parts!  If she doesn’t come through, you won’t be disappointed with the $6 burger from the bar.

sanfrancremebruleeAs for dessert, it doesn’t come much geekier – the best of the world of dating and social media rolled into one! The Crème Brulee guy has a Twitter account @cremebruleecart – and it’s the only way to track him down! He’s not always around, but you should get a day or so’s warning for planning purposes. The flavors are also ever-changing, but seem to feature favorites like dark chocolate, Baileys and Lavender quite consistently.

Road Trip!

sanfran49-mile-driveSan Francisco has made it easy for you to see all the sights with the 49-mile scenic drive. Get your hands on a car, pick up some road trip snacks, sing-along CDs and a camera for cheesy tourist-style shots in front of all the landmarks!

Spend the day following the beaten track past such gems as The Bridge (you know which one), Japantown, Alcatraz and The Palace of Fine Arts. Mosey through at your own pace and make lots of stops to drink in the scenery.

The Golden Gate Park Carousel & Flower Conservatory

sanfrangoldenWhimsical, romantic, nostalgic… what’s not to love about riding a big wooden cock around in circles on a quaint old carousel? At only $2 a pop, we can’t imagine better value!

(e’s note: Cock pictured on the left.  Get your mind out of the gutter! Besides, splinters! Ouch!)

And just to round out your day, make sure you pack a picnic and a rug, feed the ducks, and take a stroll over to the Flower Conservatory while you’re at it.  A wonderful day for two in the park!

Queen of Sheba

sanfranQueenofShebaTake your date to sample Middle Eastern cuisine at its most authentic. The divine hostess, Miss Galia, is well-loved by her regulars, and the food is good, reasonably priced and most importantly – something different to the usual! Great labna, pita and Turkish delight… all at fantastic prices. You can even buy some yummy jars of flavors to take home with you!

Neighborhood: Nob Hill
1100 Sutter St
(between Larkin St & Polk St)
San Francisco, CA 94109

(415) 567-4322


sanfranlinkAn ancient art of weaponry, much romanticized through the ages, and what true-blooded geek wouldn’t love to get all Zelda on yo’ ass and shoot some bow and arrow? Get the endorphins and the adrenalin going and learn something new all at once!

Head to Golden Gate Park to find the archery ground. Find a nearby café afterward to share a coffee and a snack.

SanFranConservatoryDenis and Emma Merkas are Australian-based newlyweds, and the creators of Both are budding geeks, with Denis turning from his acupuncture and massage background to self-taught web programming and design and Emma following hot on his heels from the marketing industry into geekdom with the help of her iPhone – the girl stalks blogs, tweets constantly and recently custom-built her first ever website for a friend! Truth is, geekiness has forever been alive and well in them both. Emma always wanted to be a librarian when she grew up (there’s still time!), and when Den isn’t working, he’s spending the rest of his day on his PSP (because Emma refuses to lose the household TV to a game console) playing chess, Dead Head Fred and Grand Theft Auto.

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