Geek World: Properties Made for Theme Parks

DocBrown All this talk about Marvel, Disney, and Marvel Island at Universal’s Islands of Adventure has got me thinking about theme parks.  You see, Marvel Island may remain renovation-free, but that doesn’t mean other islands at the park haven’t suffered a little bit of a loss of focus over the years.  And it was pointed out to me that it’s uncertain whether a few rides based around Jurassic Park is relevant enough, or just plain enough, to carry a whole section of the park. 

Now, part of the park – and part of  the island with the least cohesive vision, in my opinion – will be redone for the new Harry Potter world.   This pretty much ties up the fantasy market.  But what if you could design a themed world for some other part of the park?  

Coming up with a movie or series that has an immediately recognizable atmosphere, both interior and exterior, to support a whole section of a park (not just a ride) is harder than you might think!  The best one I could think of was Lord of the Rings… but again, I feel it’s too similar in feel to Harry Potter.

What I think Universal could use is a cool, high-tech, sf-based world, with aliens and UFOs and who knows what else… but all I could come up with was The X-Files, which is not much more relevant and current than Jurassic Park.

And Universal isn’t the only park that could use some fresh blood; Disney could use something new that isn’t Stitch or Toy Story. Maybe Marvel could fill that gap – or maybe just a Disney property they haven’t considered.

So put on your thinking caps, as it were.  If you could design a world for a theme park – either Disney or Universal – based on something relevant, iconic, and preferably different than the exisiting worlds, what would it be? How about individual rides?

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