Geek Travels: Movie Locations To Go Geek For


Last weekend I was able to go to Los Angeles for a few days. I wasn’t really there to be a tourist, but I wanted to fit in at least a little sightseeing, as it was my first extended amount of time in LA.

I saw the Chinese Theater, I saw the Hollywood sign, but the first thing I saw?

The very first day? 

I went to the Del Amo Fashion Center.  So that I could go to the mall food court.  The one that was featured in Jackie Brown.

I know that’s a location unlikely to be included in the usual tours, but I was seriously thrilled.  The only way I could have been happier was if the food chain Teriyaki Donut really existed.

So if you had the opportunity to visit it, what movie location would make you geek out?  And have you ever been disappointed when a location was revealed to be false – like, say, the cool retro restaurant from Pulp Fiction?

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