#famousDM Contest Winner: The DMG2 Goes To…

I had a BLAST reading all of your #famousDMs this week.  But unlike Phil the ChattyDM who had tons of prizes and judged his #aboutmyPC entries on quality, I’m more of a dice rollin’ girl myself (and I only had one prize!).

In this post you’ll find:

  • The winner (you?)
  • My favorite entries from the week (you? You won’t win a prize – sorry! – but maybe you’ll gain some new Twitter followers who like the way you think!)

Here we go…

The Winner

Mateodefuego is our winner!!


Email me with a snail mail address where I can send your Dungeon Master’s Guide 2!

The Suckups

  • jaredmcfarland: #famousDM: e, ’cause she’d be trying to setup all the PCs to date each other. “Well, let me critique your character sheet.’
  • phaezen: #famousdm geeksdreamgirl: no pc will be alone

Honorable Mentions

These are the #famousDMs that made my day:

  • ComputerSherpa: #famousDM Capt. Kirk. Almost every session would have a fist fight, a Bluff check, and one or more alien babes. Somehow, he’d rip his shirt.
  • Ooze: #famousDM TMNT: Cowabunga! Forget the game, It’s Pizza time!
  • kenhall57: Wiley Coyote – #famousDM – Intricate Traps that never work. ACME Swords that Shatter on Impact.
  • countingku: #famousDM Scooby-Doo: Rut ro, rayers. Rooks rike rouble! Roll for rinititive! Roy rese ronsters rawr rarwy! *hides under table shivering*
  • Ooze: @geeksdreamgirl #famousDM Mr. Magoo: I cant see the number you just rolled, player… Another natural 20? Well Done!
  • allgeektout: Dilbert’s Boss- Although he’s incompetent, he understands you refer to all failed checks as “opportunities”  #famousdm
  • JesterOC: #famousDM Trix Rabbit. He would create wild complex plots for the PC’s to eventually unravel. Nat 20′s invoke phrase “Crits are for kids!”
  • bpsymington: #famousDM – The Kool Aid Pitcher Guy – would be an expert on strength skill checks to burst through walls
  • countingku: The Doughboy: Nothin’ says lovin’ like PCs in the oven! Get in the oven! *pokes belly* teeheee! Maybe this isn’t such a good idea? #famousDM
  • Siliconwolf: #famousDM: Burger King, cause he knows how to run a great sandbox game, so you can really Have it Your Way.
  • jatori #famousdm Nietzsche: Pelor is dead.
  • betterwithmayo: Barney Stinson: because every encounter would be Legen…wait for it…DARY! #famousDM
  • SagaciousT: @geeksdreamgirl Stewie Griffin: “Hello, I’ll be your Deehemm for this evening” Player: “Why are you saying lit like that?” #FamousDM
  • KenofGhastria: #famousDM Sylar, because when he says that zombies are going to rip open your PCs’ skulls & eat their brains, you know that he means it.
  • pseckler: #famousDM Dwight Shrute from the Office.. he obviously plays, and I would get bonus points for saying I am bringing beets as rations.
  • d20monkey: Gordon Ramsay: Why didn’t you roll your thievery? Bloody hell, Donkey! #FamousDM
  • jlfergus: #FamousDM Dr. Horrible: This dungeon is EVIL muhahaha… it’s evil, right guys? Totally evil and devious…. ?
  • Siliconwolf: #FamousDM Sheldon Cooper: The game will be played RAW, but really do you want this rules lawyer as a player? No just make him the DM
  • JesterOC: #famousDM Jack Chick:Magic spells have authentic rituals certified by satanic cults.Players constantly humiliated until they become suicidal
  • bartoneus: Optimus Prime would be a great DM, because in the end I know all I’d have to do is put the cube in his damn chest! #famousDM
  • cicero753: Daddy Warbucks would be an amazing DM think of all the gold he could hand out #famousDM
  • LucasPuryear: #FamousDM Paris Hilton, all NPC’s can be won over with a new pair of boots or outwitted with an intelligence roll of 1
  • doctor_madu: #famousDM Will Shakespeare: “All the world’s a table, and those at it merely players — they have their crits and their saves….”
  • toddster: #famousDM Iago’s games always seem to devolve into PvP combat but he swears he’s got nothing to do with it…
  • Zonk: Know who I’d want for my #famousDM? My boy Charles Darwin. Dude would recognize the importance of a slow story buildup.
  • DarthKrzysztof: #famousDM People keep showing up for Uwe Boll’s console-adapted campaigns, but they can’t explain why. They don’t admit to it, either.
  • JohnduBois: #famousDM Yakov Smirnoff only runs games in Soviet Russia, where roles play you.
  • JohnduBois: #famousDM HAL9000 can’t let you do that, Dave.
  • Hellzon: #famousDM Sigmund Freud. “Jeez guys, sometimes a purple worm is just a purple worm.”
  • aquelajames: My #famousDM: Gandalf. Kind, wise, and leads you into the most terrifying adventure of your life while letting you think it’s your choice.
  • tonydowler: #famousDM Caligula: all Bachannal Larp, all day!
  • jaredsorensen: #famousDM Spielberg: Door to the dungeon opens and bathed in light is a orphaned goblin eating Reeses Pieces. Oh, and yer sword is a torch.
  • AVJax: #Famousdm President Bush All evidence points to the dragons of Argonessen being able to unlease massive destruction on Sharn in 45 minutes
  • toddster: #famousDM Holden Caufield won’t let his players roll Drow characters cause he thinks they’re “phony”.
  • jaredmcfarland: #famousDM Christopher Walken: “And then. You can see. THE DRAGON. It’s breathing fire. Scales. Everywhere. Roll. For initiative.”
  • UFLawJoe: #famousDM Morgan Freeman. His voice can make any narrative epic. Also, he has experience as a God.
  • majyc: #FamousDM Bugs Bunny “You fall in the trap 20′ deep into a gelatinous cube; the cockatrice chasing you falls too… Ain’t I a stinker?”
  • amyunbounded: #FamousDM Elmer Fudd: Your wanger cweeps up on the wascals! Woll to see if he’s vewy, vewy quiet!
  • reveal74: #FamousDM Steve Jobs: Every week, he’ll have new rules to make his setting fit his vision perfectly. No one else can ever use his setting.
  • Siliconwolf: #FamousDM @donttrythis , Adam Savage, there is always a myth to solve, and the props man, the PROPS!
  • profpope#FamousDM John Lennon “This is my new girlfriend. She’s just going to hang out and watch us play.” Group disbands 2 weeks later.
  • majyc: #FamousDM Lucy van Pelt “You swing your stupid sword and you hit the stupid orc. That will be 5 cents, please.”
  • unclebear: “It puts the miniature on the battlemat. It does this whenever it is told” = Buffalo Bill #famousdm
  • newbiedm: Samuel Jackson: No Mother F’er you CAN’T make a MutherF’ing strength MotherF’ing Check. Don’t you speak MotherF’ing English? #famousdm
  • countingku: Mystique would be the greatest DM ever, she really BECOMES her NPCs, or her PCs, sowing fear and distrust in the group #famousDM
  • chgowiz: #FamousDM Bob Barker: “Now step right up and spin the wheel and let’s see what we go. Oh no, 1, that’s a fumble! I’m sorry, bye-bye!”
  • reveal74: #FamousDM Jerry Seinfeld: “And what’s the deal with trail rations? You usually eat them in a dungeon. Shouldn’t they be dungeon rations?”
  • Milambus: #FamousDM Jeff Probst. Each campaign takes place in different exotic location, and after each session a player is voted out.
  • ChattyDM: #FamousDM, Macgyver; “All right guys, you have 20′ of rope, a Tinderbox, 2 pints of Oil and a Donkey. You have to destroy that Drow citadel”
  • kleedrac: #FamousDM @ThatKevinSmith: Tons of foul language but the campaign is d20 modern and you always end up in a mall for some reason.
  • newbiedm: Barbara Walters: She’d make you cry and confess to anything as she questions your pc. #famousdm
  • Mateodefuego: #FamousDM Monte Python would be a fun DM, “You see a cute little bunny, You all fail your reflex and are dead” “But we didn’t roll?”
  • Dice_Girl: #FamousDM Codex from The Guild would be a fun DM. She would try her best to always keep the party together and awesome magic items (+5 Dex)
  • LucasPuryear: #FamousDM Joss Whedon, the campaign would be fun and have great characters but would ultimately be cancelled too soon or played out of order
  • trollsmyth: #FamousDM Mr. T – “I pity da fool who enters my dungeon without a 10′ pole. Roll a save vs. pain, suckas!
  • BrotherMagneto: Quentin Tarantino as DM: 4 hour session of which 3hr50min is PCs talking to NPCs and the other 10 minutes are single-roll combat #famousDM
  • Serok42: Emeril would yell BAM! every time he hit your character. That would get annoying fast. #famousDM
  • creativedv8tion: #famousDM Adolf Hitler who wanted to run everyone else’s games. Also known for agree to co-DM a game with Joe S, but then backstabbing him
  • waiwode: #famousDM Joe McCarthy. Continually accuses his players of playing in another game with Joseph Stalin
  • newbiedm: Dick Cheney: Because his monsters will “accidentally” shoot each other while hunting you. #famousdm
  • DMingNicholas: #FamousDM Barack Obama: He’d be great with description and political drama. Plus he always says yes, you can to your crazy ideas!
  • ve4grm: Wash from Firefly. The great imagination, voices, and, of course, sudden but inevitable betrayals! Mal would need to be a player. #famousDM
  • countingku: Lucky the Leprechaun: You know he has to be inventive because they’re always looking for his Lucky Charms! #famousDM
  • countingku: Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering? I think so, Brain, but shouldn’t the bat boy be wearing a cape? #famousDM
  • Atras126: Q from Star Trek: no need to use minis! #famousDM
  • thuranraven: I would love to have Vicini from the Princess Bride as my GM. I just know it would involve Italians and a Land war in Asia! #famousDM
  • reveal74: Dora the Explorer’s games would be nothing but a railroad. You go from point A to B to C with no way to get off-track. #FamousDM
  • dumas_drift: Chuck Norris, because the speed of his wits is only surpassed by that of his roundhouse kick. #famousdm
  • DaveTheGame: Kanye West played in Taylor Swift’s game once, but kept interrupting to say Beyonce was the best GM of all time. #famousDM
  • maialideth: Batman, the batcave would make the perfect gaming room, and he’d have holographic battlemats and minis #famousDM
  • WyattSalazar: Lord Voldemort would be an awesome DM. He’d rip up the module and hide it in 7 places in the house. “I am invincible now, PCs!” #famousDM
  • ChattyDM: #FamousDM My name is Inigo Montoya, you have destroyed my carefully prepared, overly complex, railroad story, prepared to DIE!

And my all-time favorite:

  • Siliconwolf: #FamousDM Dos Equis Guy: He can roll a 20 on a d12. He can play D&D–in GURPS. He IS–the most interesting DM in the world.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!  Check out Visible Tweets to see a cool animated version of the #famousDMs.  And seriously, even if you don’t play 4e, there’s plenty of great stuff in the DMG2 that you’ll want to at least give it a flip through at your FLGS… or seriously, just buy it.  Really.

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