Halloween Decorating: It’s a Good Thing

deathstarpumpkin I’ve been patient, I’ve resisted temptation, but I don’t think I can wait any longer.  It’s time.

I’m going to break out the Halloween decorations.

I’ve noticed that people of various geek flavors often tend to get really into holidays – perhaps more than the average person.

For me, it’s not just Halloween; I love putting up Christmas lights, wearing a goofy New Year’s hat or stringing shamrock garland on St. Patrick’s.  Maybe I’m just overzealous.  I have themed socks for most holidays.

Halloween is a big one for me, though.  And it’s not just costumes and parties – we can cover that later in the month.  I think I’m actually most excited when it’s time to decorate.  Most of my happy Halloween memories have more to do with decorating than the actual day.

There was the year I was nine – my older sister climbed on the roof of our house to tie down a giant spider.  It was basically made out of trash bags, but I had never seen something so daring and cool.

My freshman year of college, any traces of homesickness were banished when a giant Halloween care package arrived.   And then I finally met the other geeks in the school when I volunteered to help with a haunted house.

I’m actually not sure what I have left in the way of decorations – most of my stuff is finally burning out or falling apart.  Maybe part of the magic comes with the whole once-a-year thing – I’ll inevitably forget about something I already own, and it’s a great surprise rediscovering it.

One thing I know I need to replace is my Halloween bubble nightlight.  Even though they’re not traditionally for Halloween, they’ve become my tradition.  I like just-barely-spooky, classic pumpkins and scary scarecrows and black cats, but it seems it’s hard to find middle-of-the-road these days!

So do you like decorating for holidays?  If you decorate for Halloween, do you lean towards horror, country, cute, or something else?  And what are some of your favorite techniques?

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