CONTEST: Win a Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook

Want a free copy of Pathfinder? One of the things that will stick in my mind about GenCon 2009 was the sight of people carrying stacks of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook around the exhibit hall.  I’m mostly a D&D girl myself, but I enjoyed the short time I played 3.5 and am flipping through Pathfinder to check it out.

Unlike the edition wars crowd, I enjoy 4e as much as I enjoyed 3.5.  (Though I will admit I enjoy that there are fewer numbers in 4e.  I’ve never been good at numbers.)  I got a chance to play Savage Worlds at ConCarolinas in May and had a blast.  For me, it’s never really been about a system as much as having fun with friends and getting to be part of a crazy story.

So, in the spirit of happy roleplayers everywhere, I’ve teamed with the wonderful folks at Gator Games to give away a free copy of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook.

How To Enter

There are two ways to enter this contest.  Both ways have an equal chance of winning, to be accommodating to those folks who aren’t Twitter addicts.

Due to shipping costs (heavy book!), this contest is open to US residents (and overseas military personnel with an APO/FPO address) only.

Comment Entry

Leave a comment on this post detailing your absolute favorite thing about the 3.x system.  It doesn’t have to be long (unless you want to be long-winded), maybe just your favorite class or feat or spell or magic item.

WARNING:  Comments that are phrased in a way that incite ill will toward 4e will be deleted.  You all are mature enough to be able to do this without being snarky.  As an example of what NOT to do:  “What I loved about 3.x is that it wasn’t like an MMO.”   Got it?  Good.  We want to pick winners, not wieners.

Comments are one per person and are weighted equally with the Twitter half of the contest.   More on that in a minute…

Twitter Entry

Entering the Twitter half of the contest is really easy.   Follow the contest sponsor (@gatorgames), and retweet things you find interesting.  You may RT up to five times per day from Monday through Friday.

Gator Games’ owner, Jean Seaborg, posts from 6-10 game links a day – current news, game updates, reviews, podcasts.  She’s also known to find and tweet cool freebie deals.  The last one was a free cookie at Mrs. Fields… om nom nom.

The Randomness

On Saturday, I will roll for the two finalists… one from the comments section here, and one from the week’s Twitter entries.  To determine the winner, a coin will be flipped.   A post announcing the winner will be made on Monday morning, October 12, 2009.

About Our Sponsor

Many thanks to Gator Games of San Mateo, California for sponsoring the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook contest!   If you’re close enough to make them your Friendly Local Gaming Store, please go check them out in person.

If you’re clear across the country like me, Gator Games has an online store full of used games, cards to build your ultimate Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh deck, minis, and all sorts of goodies.

You can also sign up for the weekly newsletter to get a quick review of all the new releases of the week.  Last, but not least, feel free to friend them on Facebook (Gator Games & Hobby), Myspace, or FriendFeed in addition to Twitter.

Thanks Jean for donating this prize!  I’m looking forward to reading some great comments below and giving away this book to a lucky reader!

(Note:  I know my audience well, so I’m going to say this before someone points it out.  I realize this is in the D&D category of posts and that Pathfinder is not D&D. The reason it is categorized D&D is because RPGBloggers only grabs my posts in that category’s feed – and I wanted to be sure this post got put up there.  If this gets your tightywhities in a wad, I apologize and will try to still love you even though you’re anal.  Much love, e.)

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