Geek Fashion: Does It Matter?

itcrowd3 When we think of geeks, we don’t often think of fashion.  In fact, some could make a case that the disregard of fashion is a hallmark of many flavors of geek – they’re too busy, too involved, or they just don’t care.

Still, it’s pretty obvious that there’s a certain “look” we’ve come to expect from people of certain interests, either male or female.

T-shirts with wry phrases or obscure references are one prime example.  Counterculture looks  – goth, schoolgirl, new age – are another.  Geeks are made up of all kinds, but a frat-looking dude in an Abercrombie or Ed Hardy shirt is going to look more out of place at a con than a chick dressed as Hermoine after she drank the cat Polyjuice Potion. 

Do you dress differently when you head out to a con or your weekly game?  I know I might be more likely to wear a Threadless shirt in certain locations – at a concert, for example.  And the fact that I do so makes me wonder when I’m really “dressing up” – when I’m wearing nicer clothes in a more professional environment, or when I’m casually dressed, but around my social peers?

What do you think?  Or is fashion completely a non-issue for you?

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