Epic Level 4th Edition D&D: Meet BigByrde

Today I’m off to the home of Mike from SlyFlourish to play a game of epic level 4th edition D&D with DaveTheGame and Bartoneus (Critical-Hits), Mrs. SlyFlourish, and Matt (Loremaster.org).

We were told to make level 27 characters that had some sort of backstory, including a secret or lifelong goal.  The group was lacking a leader, and since I already play a cleric, I decided to give the shaman a whirl.

When I think of a shaman, I think of feathered headdresses.  Then I thought about spirit companions and remembered the fun Tasha of StupidRanger (and at GenCon, Bartoneus & Vanir) had with Bobo the Invisible Spirit Bear.  One thought lead to another until I decided that my character would be BigByrde and her invisible woolly mammoth, Snuffy.

Sure, groan all you want.  But 1) this is a one-shot adventure, so I can have a crazy name and character concept.  If you remember, my Ultimate Dungeon Delve character’s name was Stabbie McRogue.  And 2) I’m a child of the 80s and Sesame Street was a huge part of my life for many, many years.   So shaddup and lemme have fun already!

Quick Stats About BigByrde

  • Race: Halfling (from a remote tribe you haven’t heard of!)
  • Class: Shaman
  • Multi-Class: Cleric
  • Paragon Path: Great Bear Shaman
  • Epic Destiny: Exalted Angel (I really just picked it because I got to have wings.)
  • BigByrde on iplay4e.com (if the link doesn’t work, search for level 27 characters and you’ll see BigByrde)

BigByrde’s History

When BigByrde was just a little girl, her people were enslaved by giants. (Because really, what people HASN’T been enslaved by giants at some point?)   Byrde had a horrible childhood, and invented an imaginary friend, Snuffy the woolly mammoth, to keep her mind off things.

Because she focused so long on Snuffy, she brought him to life, but only she can see him. (Others can still feel his energy, but can’t see him.  This often results in people stepping on Snuffy and Byrde getting quite upset.)

Byrde was finally rescued from slavery by adventurers.  She vowed to Avandra that she would make sure no other children would grow up the way she did.    Byrde has traveled the world, saving children and bringing swift justice to those who hurt children.

On the way, she befriended a cleric who saw a hint of divine energy buried under all those primal feathers.  Sure enough, Byrde easily learned how to turn undead and Avandra saw fit to make BigByrde an Exalted Angel for all her work in saving children everywhere.

Deep in her heart, BigByrde hopes that when she finally dies, Avandra will reincarnate her as the child she always wished she could be – carefree and happy.

Questions I Wonder About Epic Level

  • Will it be hard to keep track of everything my character can do? The list of powers isn’t THAT much longer since higher level powers replace older level powers, but a million gold sure does buy a lot of fun equipment!  When you level up a character gradually, it’s easier to remember things since you acquire them a couple at a time.
  • Will combat be longer? I mean, when you’re little, you fight little monsters and do a little damage.  When you’re big, you fight big monsters and do big damage.   Too simplified?
  • Since most of the epic destiny powers involve the trigger text “when you die“… how many of us will die at least once?

Watch Twitter Today!

I’ll be Twitter-casting the game as we play it, so be sure you’re following me, DaveTheGame, Bartoneus, Matt, and Mike.  Speaking of Mike, he’s lucky enough to have several sets of Dwarven Forge creations, so there should be some great TwitPics.  Don’t miss it!

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