School Reunions: Not Necessary With Facebook?


A few days ago, I got some stuff in the mail for my college’s five-year reunion.  I’m currently weirded out, because not long after the college reunion comes the big one… the ten-year high school reunion.

Here’s the thing, though:  I don’t feel the slightest urge to go to either reunion.

I always assumed I’d be gung-ho about it; I was relatively involved in school, and I always thought a reunion sounded fun.  Catching up with people, seeing who changed, seeing who had babies, enduring surreal and uncomfortable moments – the stuff movies are made of!  Who knows what surprises lie in store?

Oh, but wait.  There aren’t any surprises – because I’ve been on Myspace and Facebook.

Because of Facebook and Myspace, I know who wound up in commercials and the occasional TV show.  I know who just had their second child.  I know who’s been spending way too much time in the sun, and who moved across the country.  I know more things about some people than I ever did when I went to school with them.

I even have a few friends that fit the old reunion movie cliche:  they were shy geeks in high school that totally blossomed in college and beyond.  You might not even recognize them – but they have social networking pages, so no triumphant, surprising return there.

I honestly don’t think I’ll go to these reunions – today’s increased communication is rendering them obsolete, and social networking is no small part of that.  But maybe I come from a rather close-knit (and gossipy) community, too.

So what about you?  Do you think social networking sites have made reunions pointless?  And if you haven’t stayed in contact, are you itching to show your old classmates how far you’ve come?  Or is a reunion a flashback you’d rather not have?

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