Halloween: Bringing Out the Crafty Geeks

Growing up, I was not what you’d call a crafty sort.  Dealing with wood, cloth, metal – these were things “boys” did.  Or Girl Scouts.  And I certainly never thought of that sort of thing as a geek activity.  For one thing, I might have to, you know, go outside.

I was in college when I got my first peek into what I was missing.  Some friends of mine made a bad turn out of a driveway and hit a wooden birdhouse.  Rather than freak out the mother to whom it belonged, the crew swiftly moved into the garage, pulled out some tools, and within minutes had repaired it.

I was shocked.  I could barely wield a hammer and nails, and here was a group of people that were mathletes and Physics Club presidents, drilling and sanding and who knew what else.

Now, of course, I know that utilizing your theoretical knowledge to create something isn’t really that much of stretch.  Those kids who actually did well on their science projects moved on naturally to robots and engineering and building stuff in their basements.

It’s not really my geek flavor, mostly because I lack the science and skills and would probably maim myself with a soldering iron, but it’s one I have massive respect for.  It’s hard to find a geek who wouldn’t secretly love to be a Mythbuster.

I’m thinking about this because it’s October, and Halloween lends itself perfectly to such skills.  Whether it’s carving a pumpkin in some novel way or making PVC skeletons for your yard, craftiness is definitely as asset.

Creating a haunted house is great for bringing different types of people together.  A successful haunted house or maze requires probably every type of skill -  brute strength, artistry, deft hands, mechanical knowledge, and interpersonal skills (well, you try dealing with a fire marshal, then).  Not to mention lots and lots of people who don’t mind getting a little theatrical.

So, are there any seasonal projects that bring out your crafty side?  As for me, well, I’ll be happy if I can pull together a decent scarecrow.

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