You’re Gonna Be Single AND Your Cat Will Eat Your Dead Body

I’ll be the first to admit that I love my cats.  They’re my little furry children.  I can’t imagine life without them and it pains me to leave them when I travel.   I’m one cat short of Crazy Cat Lady status, and I’m okay with that.

While searching for matches for one of my Gold clients, I came across the profile of a girl who was really into her pets.  In fact, she stated in no uncertain terms that her cat was her best friend and wayyyyyy better than any of her people friends.

Of course, I had to tweet about it:

But all jokes aside, what does it say about YOU that you can’t establish meaningful friendships with other people?  What does it say about you that you’re spending all your time at home with your cat?

I love my furbabies, and sure, they’re extremely loving and lovable, but they’re not a substitute for human interaction.

Pet lovers, send out the right message in your dating profile:  that you love your pet, but you’re not a complete social misfit who can’t interact with members of your own species.

Bad Idea:

“My cat is a better friend than most of the people I’ve met.”

Better Idea:

“Watching TV with my cat curled up in my lap is the best way to unwind at the end of the day.”

Bad Idea:

“Sometimes I think my dog understands me better than anyone else.”

Better Idea:

“My dog Tucker seems to always know if I’m feeling stressed.  He’ll beg me to take him out for a long walk and by the time we’re back, I’m feeling much better.”

Part of me wonders if there are people who use their extreme love of their pets as a way to block out people from their lives.  Love me, love my pet.  Or else.  What do you think?

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