Primal Power: E’s Top Five Fun Ways To Roleplay A Barbarian

Thanks to the wonderful people at Wizards of the Coast, I have a copy of Primal Power a few days early.   It’s time for another series of E’s Top Five Fun Ways to Roleplay!

We’ll start with everyone’s favorite anger management case, the Barbarian.  (I think I referred to the Avenger as an anger management case, too.  Perhaps it’s a hybrid made in heaven?  Then again, the stats probably wouldn’t mesh.  Someone look into that!)

In order from lowest level to highest:

#1 Level 1 Day Attack:  Savage Juggernaut Rage

“Your blow triggers an inner wrath that grows more and more unstoppable with each enemy you fell.”

His mother re-named him Jugger after a very unfortunate encounter with a flight of stairs when he was just beginning to crawl.  She screamed in horror as the tiny gnome rolled down the stairs, head over heels, and crashed into the potted flowers at the bottom.  When she ran down to rescue him, she found he was not crying, but laughing.  “Boom!” he said, pointing at the mess of dirt and flowers on the floor. “I made a big boom!”  To this day, Jugger’s small stature is laughed at… but only until he makes a big boom.

#2 Level 7 Attack: Looming Threat

“An ally might have raised a foe’s ire, but once you strike, that enemy must pay attention to you.”

Dwarf twins Yarka and Tarka have always had problems sharing.  Luckily they went different paths for training – Yarka as a Barbarian and Tarka as a Warden – but being in the same adventuring group causes issues.  For example, whenever Tarka marks an enemy, Yarka does her best to pull the enemies attention to her so she can make the kill.   It’s a constant back and forth that can sometimes drive the other people in their party crazy.

#3 Level 10 Utility Power:  Howl of the Alpha Wolf

“You snarl nearly incomprehensible orders to your allies, and they hasten to obey.”

There are so many great, juicy, absolutely vile vulgarities in the giant language.  In fact, Gauthak believes there really isn’t any other language that can describe horrific things in such detail with so few words.  During a near death experience, Kord appeared to him and told him that he should never use these words again.  “These words grant power to your enemies,” Kord said, “and you will be a stronger warrior if you avoid them.

For someone who grew up with the mouth of a sailor, giving up vulgarities has been very difficult for Gauthak.  He does his best, messes up frequently, and beats up on himself after the battle.  When he does manage to avoid swearing, he snarls and screams in gibberish.

#4 Level 16 Utility:  Bounding Advance

“You bound past your foes.”

Eyrina is a paradox.  She’s quite possibly the happiest elf ever to walk the earth, but she’s also a bloodthirsty warrior ready to gut an enemy with a single swipe from her blade.   Eyrina doesn’t “bound” across the battlefield – she skips.  And whistles.  With a grin that spreads ear to ear.

#5 Level 20 Stonefire Rager Attack: Volcanic Rage

“Your weapon is sheathed in flame as you strike.  Your wrath boils over, radiating from your molten skin and scorching nearby foes.”

Biri has always breathed fire, but nothing like this.  With this, she is fire.  Ever since she began channeling fire energy, Biri has become more and more hot-headed.  She’s easier to get riled up and extremely hard to talk down.  The party’s wizard helps focus and calm her by producing a small ice cube with one of his cantrips and floating it over to her.   This fiery rage is not something she wants spilling outside of battle and she is extremely apologetic to her party members once she calms down.

Coming Soon…

Stay tuned for posts on the druid, shaman, and warden!  In the meantime, pre-order your copy of Primal Power from or your Friendly Local Gaming Store.

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