D&D Astrology with Ryven Cedrylle: Earth Signs

In the last installment of D&D Astrology, we looked at the Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.  Today we’ll look at the Earth Signs:  Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

A quick review (skip the italics if you want to get right to the signs and classes!):

Your Sun sign is really a lot like your D&D character’s class. Take the Wizard, for instance. You’ve got four implements to choose from and some of those implements, like the Orb and the Tome, have different variants. Between your choice of implement, powers, skills, feats and gear, rarely are two Wizards going to be identical!

Still, telling someone that you play a Wizard gives them a sense of what your character can do as well as his or her strengths and weaknesses. So it is with your Sun sign. It would be silly to think that any two Librans or any two Scorpios are going to be exactly the same. We are all some mixture of the Signs, with 10 or more planets describing various aspects of our personalities and lives. However, knowing that someone is a Libra or a Scorpio can give you a basic concept of what this person is about and how you might interact with them.

“Well Ryven” you say, “if Sun signs are so much like D&D classes, why don’t you tell me which class is like which sign?” Your wish is my command! Over the course of the next few articles, I’ll be matching up classes with signs so that the next time you open up a dating profile and see a zodiac sign staring you in the face, you can make your Arcana check with a +2 competence bonus and see how that personality base might be showing itself to you in the rest of the profile.


Taurus is in some ways the very opposite of Aries. Where Aries is proactive and aggressive, Taurus is reactive, defensive and security-oriented. Taurus likes to stick with what works, go slow, play it safe and hunker down. She’s also very sensory-driven, enjoys nature, good food and the finer things in life. The best things about Taurus are her common sense and knack for knowing quality when she sees it.

The best model of the Taurean outlook in D&D is the Warden. The Warden can train in both Nature and Perception, two of Taurus’ most important concerns. She also gets two different ways to react to foes breaking her mark and has a ton of powers that slow her enemies or create zones of difficult terrain. She might also look at other classes with good AC, like the sword-and-shield fighter, the Strength-based Paladin or maybe even the Draconic Sorcerer if she’s tired of playing Defenders. Taurus is the living wall; you stand on her land only by her goodwill and your good behavior.


Virgo is one of those signs that, for whatever reason, seems to get a bad reputation. Virgo enjoys analyzing and categorizing, fiddling around with minute details and organizing things. She excels at clear logical thinking, continually perfecting a process, and doesn’t tire of doing monotonous work for long periods of time. Given the obvious relation to the term ‘virgin,’ Virgo seems to end up stereotyped as the bookish, intellectual accountant with little or no social skill. While Virgo can certainly fall that way, the real intention of the sign is to show devotion or service to an ideal, so all that seemingly pointless minutiae is simply the means to displaying that loyalty. A Virgo devoted to the art of seduction, for instance, would not look at all like the common stereotype. The best things about Virgo are her attentiveness and ability to find logical patterns in even the most seemingly random situations.

There really aren’t one or two classes that display Virgo better than all others. A case could be made that given the vast, twinky varieties of the Wizard’s spells, rituals, implements and ability to choose between multiple varieties of each at various levels, the Wizard is itself the most Virgoan class in the game simply due to the vast amount of information and decisions that must be made to play one. The Monk is also something of a candidate since the Full Discipline mechanic means that each round, she must decide on and adhere to a certain move/attack combination. However, the underlying concept is that any finely honed or optimized character carries a strong Virgoan scent. It is important to remember that in this case, ‘optimized’ does not necessarily mean efficient or having a mechanical advantage over other characters. Assume there’s a character whose background is that of a street thug converted to a Paladin of Erathis. If that character has all the feats, powers and gear to be the most believable Paladin/Rogue multiclass ever, but is only mediocre as either a Striker or Defender, she is still ‘optimized’ because she has a specific, dedicated gimmick and follows through with it. The Virgo character is one who has a specific trick or shtick available at absolute maximum potential.


Capricorn is the Yoda of the zodiac – wise, discerning and unwilling to let emotion be a factor in decision-making. Capricorn spends her time managing things and people, and so rules bureaucracies, banks, schedules, shipping, corporate hierarchies, etc. Where Cancer is the ‘mother’ figure – warm and nurturing – Capricorn is the ‘father’ figure intent on discipline, hard work and maturity. People with strong Capricorn tendencies are ambitious and shrewd, but can come across as heartless. The best things about Capricorn are her work ethic and reliability.

Both the flavor and the mechanics of the Tactical Warlord appeal to Capricorn. Powers like Wolfpack Tactics and Leaf on the Wind position enemy and ally alike – an important and enjoyable part of the game for Capricorn. She also gets to tell people who to target with Commander’s Strike and Lead the Attack. Furthermore, many Warlord powers have great Capricornian flavor, like Rub Some Dirt on It and Stand the Fallen. She may also want to look at other Leader-types like the Battle Cleric, but really the Warlord in general is the best option. Watch for other characters showing a little Capricorn with the skill power Snap Out of It. Capricorn is the character on the field telling everyone else what to do – the maestro of mayhem, the conductor of carnage.

About Today’s Guest Writer: Ryven Cedrylle is an astrologer, a gamer, a devoted husband, and a Christian.  Visit him at Christian Astrology.  The next installment of this series, Air Signs, will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

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