Dating Site Taking Advantage of Geeks

One common thread amongst those who complain about me and my services is this:

“She’s taking advantage of geeks!”

I even had one guy take it a step further and say that I was taking advantage of people with autism-spectrum disorders.


Yeah, I know.

But I’m not here to defend myself – I’ve done that before.  I know who I am – a geek – and I know what’s in my heart – the desire to help other geeks find love using my writing skills and experience in the online dating world.  If you want to question my motives, knock yourself out.  But check out my service pages and you’ll see testimonials from all my happy clients.

Which leads me to my Exhibit A for what Taking Advantage of Geeks looks like:

Go on, check it out.  (Not linking directly to prevent their angry mobs from seeing the traffic from here and coming to visit.)

Write Geek Enough, and It’s Now Geek Dating!

Other than the word “geek” plastered all over the page and one shitty JPG of a laptop with love glasses, there’s nothing about this site that says it’s made by geeks for geeks.  In fact, it looks an awful lot like a bunch of other shitty dating sites, but with some “creative” copy written by a $3/hr freelance copywriter from India.

The Fine Print Says It All

Now, do me a favor and scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the footer.  You’ll see a line that says “Powered by World Dating Partners.”  Anybody know what that means?

It’s known as a white label site, which means that as the dating site owner, all you need to do is customize your site and put it out there, and EVERYTHING ELSE gets taken care of by your company, in this case World Dating Partners.  To be clear, this means the site comes pre-stocked with profiles from other white label sites.   To be extra clear, the people you find on the site may not have signed up for geek dating at all.

To see what white label looks like in action, compare:

Success Stories?

Also, if you Google the “success stories” you’ll notice they show up on multiple sites, sometimes with small details changed, but often not.

But hey, why wait for legitimate success stories that you’ll never get?  Why not just use the same success stories that every other white label site uses and tweak them to work for geeks?


Dater Beware!

How can you tell a legitimate geek dating site?

  • It looks like it’s run by geeks.
  • It’s not powered by a white label company.
  • The members have geeky profiles.
  • The success stories don’t show up on other sites.  (Google is your friend!)
  • You ask around and hear good things about it from other geeks.

Where Can A Geek Date?

Want a geek specific dating site?

My #1 geek dating site (other than my own, which is a bit different!) is definitely  Up to nearly 19,000 members, SoulGeek is a site run BY geeks FOR geeks.

Check out my interview with founder Dino Andrade, J’s interview with Soulgeek spokesman Richard Hatch of Battlestar Gallactica, or follow Soulgeek on Twitter.  They’re great people who run a great niche dating site.

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